XPLUS Announces DEX Listing & Public Beta Launch of First SocialFi App

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XPLUS, the first SocialFi gateway empowers users to earn $XPT tokens by monetizing social activities and building communities.

With its public beta launch, the XPLUS functionality will open to the public with no additional requirements.  By connecting through Telegram, XPLUS beta users enter the metaverse where they earn $XPT through all social media activities like liking, following, sharing, and posting. Unlike Web 2.0 social networks, XPLUS SocialFi established a fair distribution mechanism to help content creators monetize their content and created an environment for C2C content exchanges.

XPLUS also provides comprehensive business solutions in Web3 Space for brands and creators. XPLUS Planet –  A business solution with various tools to establish your own economy, tokens, and NFTs. All the Xplus users are able to co-create planet (business) with asset-backed equity NFTs and the NFTs are solely controlled by the planet’s shareholders. All the XPLUS users are reachable to planet creators, and they can manage their own economies through their tokenomics.

With Web3, the power of social media is returned to the hands of the users. XPLUS takes a step further by supporting these users to grow their businesses and communities. XPLUS provides a turnkey platform to monetize social interactions and enable people to connect in the web3 space.

Community Token – Xperience Point Tokens (XPT)

XPT is a community token used in the XPLUS ecosystem. XPT holders can purchase premium content, buy Xer avatars and create Planet (Business).  XPT will be listed on PancakeSwap on Oct 26, 2022, at 10:00 UTC.

What’s Next for XPLUS?

Q4 2022 is a busy time for the XPLUS team as Oct sees the beta launch of the SocialFi Mobile App as well as the launch of NFT Marketplace and Planet Ecosystem.


Oct – SocialFi Mobile App Beta Launch
Oct – XPT Token Generation Event
Nov – NFT Marketplace
Dec – Planet Ecosystem Launch
Jan – XPLUS Chain & Wealth Distribution Engine

What’s XPLUS?

XPLUS ecosystem empowers content creators and users to contribute to the web3 economy. It’s a next-level social networking platform where users can get rewards from social activities. XPLUS believes socializing is essential in everyone’s daily life, and therefore, there is value in every interaction. Download the XPLUS app and enter the metaverse of community and social wealth generation today!

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Website: http://xplus.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xplusio
Telegram: ​​https://t.me/xplusio
Discord: https://discord.gg/NcgfAn97Xv
Medium: ​​https://medium.com/xpluscom
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/xplus


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