With the new guaranteed Oryen ICO profits, Big Eyes and Fantom holders increase the demand for ORY

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If you were one of the initial backers of $ORY, your deposits have likely doubled in value in less than a month. Oryen Network’s initial presale phase performance sent shockwaves through the industry, with some feeling crushed for not joining early.

However, there’s still more room to grow, and Oryen’s revolutionary model for the second presale proves newcomers also hold the potential to win fortunes. Big Eyes and Fantom holders are watching $ORY closely, wondering whether they should go all in for $ORY.

Oryen Network

Powered by BNB Chain, Oryen Network presents auto-staking and auto-compounding features. The project aspires to maximize token holders’ profit through supply and treasury growth.

The $ORY tokens always stay in a user’s wallet and are not dependent on third-party or centralized authority. Therefore, Oryen converts traditional complicated staking procedures to a simple buy-hold-earn methodology.

Oryen AutoStaking Technic, or OAT, operates through smart contracts. These codes have already been accredited and audited by SolidProof, meaning investors are protected from any network flaws.

The finest aspect of Oryen remains its highest yearly fixed rewards. Oryen pays out 90% APY and rebases incentives automatically every hour. This quickest rebasing adds 0.00733% to customers’ investments 24 times a day, meaning you receive interest the minute you invest.

Oryen’s revolutionary ICO model

Oryen Network has just announced a revised price and bonus scheme in response to rising demand during the initial presale round. From now on, bonuses will be accessible for a longer duration and decrease each week progressively. In addition, the Oryen team offers a 20% referral reward for every $ORY purchase to attract new users.

Oryen began at $0.05 and now costs $0.1. This is a 100% growth in a single month, driven mainly by market interest.

The second Oryen presale will undergo according to the following schedule:


Presale 2.1 (02, Nov – 09, Nov)$0.1010%
Presale 2.2 (09, Nov – 16, Nov)$0.119%
Presale 2.3 (16, Nov – 23rd, Nov)$0.128%
Presale 2.4 (23, Nov – 02, Dec)$0.1257%

What Is Big Eyes Coin?

Big Eyes (BIG) is a decentralized meme coin developed with the primary objective of enticing people to use the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem to generate wealth and promote the broader use of blockchain-based apps.

This utility coin is modeled after Big Eyes, a cat. It strives to provide aspects such as durability, ease of use, and consideration for the playful temperament of cats. The objective of the initiative is the conservation of marine life. Hence 5% of the revenues will be donated to ocean conservation organizations.

Big Eyes team has raised over one million dollars in the presale, which is a phenomenal performance for any new crypto.

Fantom Overview

Fantom is a unique DAG-based smart contract platform that uses the Lachesis Protocol to address the scalability difficulties of existing public distributed ledger systems.

It was intended to be an open-source project, available to virtually everyone, and based on the proof-of-stake algorithm, making it leaderless and transparent.

In the first several months after its inception, Fantom performed exceptionally well and generated substantial profits for its early investors.

Bottom Line

Despite focusing on different issues, Oryen, Big Eyes Coin, and Fantom have one thing in common: outstanding presale performance. Thus, those seeking a rising gem may discover $ORY as a potentially lucrative investment.

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