Will ApeCoin Dominate The Animal Kingdom Of Meme Coins Amid Big Eyes Coin Presale Records?

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While the time of Uptober is almost over, the biggest question on the crypto flok’s mind remains: who will dominate the animal kingdom of meme coins? Despite the usual suspects in the face of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the crypto meme terrain has other projects to offer. Meet the daring juggernaut of the project, ApeCoin, which has generated a massive community of loyal fanbases.

However, this is not the only project that has been on everyone’s radar recently, as Big Eyes Coin, which is a new kid on the crypto block, has been generating massive amounts of hype, especially on Twitter and thus rightfully deserves a place in our article. Without further adieu, let’s dive in.

Big Eyes Coin: When NFTs Meet DeFi Under A Cat Nation

Even though this project has only recently entered the crypto craze, it shows all the necessary ingredients for success in the long term. For starters, the community around the project calls itself the ‘Cat Nation’, and after six stages of presale where the project amassed more than $9 million in less than five months, we can affirmatively say that the support they displayed is almost unprecedented.

A handful of projects could gather that much money from presale, and most of them were not even meme coins. But the Big Eyes Coin started to do things differently from the beginning. Unlike most meme coins that do not really have any kind of utility apart from the community’s support, Big Eyes Coin amalgamates two of the most lucrative crypto industries under its umbrella: DeFi and NFTs.

In order to ensure smooth sailing for its loyal supporters, the project introduced a special NFT tax, where with each subsequent sale of NFT, an original seller gets 4% while another 5% is distributed to the platform’s native token BIG. By doing this, the project ensures a constant flow of liquidity into the token while incentivising people to resell NFT for profit. Be sure to check this project out before its presale runs out. And while you are at it, here is a promo code BIG838 to win free tokens when purchasing BIG.

ApeCoin: The Community of Bored Ape-Looking Enthusiasts

Despite starting very strong with its initial price, the APE token has not been doing great recently, to say the least. While some attribute its initial success to the hype around the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community that has topped the NFT charts for many months, the decline of the NFT market is not the only reason.

The ApeCoin project quickly realised that it would not be able to ride the hype wave for too long and decided to organise a separate organisation, ApeCoin DAO, to bring the project’s token APE to the masses.

By all accounts, the community did an excellent job as APE became a payment option for Gucci’s venerable fashion house. Further, the upcoming metaverse game ‘Otherside’ in collaboration with Adidas will soon be released, and the APE token has become an integral part of BAYC’s broader ecosystem.

The question remains, how can the APE token dominate the animal kingdom? The most intuitive answer would be to wait for the crypto storm to pass as, based on the value proposition, the community and upcoming projects, APE has a lot of potential to succeed in the long run.


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