What Is Feed3 (FD3)? Your Introduction To A New Cryptocurrency

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Digital assets are replacing traditional trade since everything is changing and progressing worldwide. Cryptocurrency is an asset that exists digitally or electronically and secures transactions with encryption.

To construct an artificial asset, two or more parties must agree on certain parameters that will result in a contract based on a real-world asset. While the contract represents the underlying asset’s worth, the agreement acknowledges the deal’s financial value.

What Is Feed3 (FD3)?

We launched Feed3 (FD3), the world’s first audio feedback platform, to allow the Web 3.0 community to submit feedback on their experience playing a blockchain-based game or interacting with a dApp using AI-powered voice notes.

Feed3 (FD3) will create partnerships with critical games in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) sector to aid web 3.0 gaming players in exploiting the concept of the FB2E model. The agreement will allow the Feed3 technology to be implemented and integrated into the game’s UI/UX, allowing users and gaming guilds to generate an additional source of revenue. On the other hand, the development team will have access to the data essential to take the game to the next level.

The Feed3 (FD3) uses the “Freeda” deep neural network algorithm to receive, manage, and analyze incoming auditory feedback. Freeda is a one-of-a-kind speech neural network that lets players record audio feedback in basic English.

On the other hand, creating a proprietary speech neural network was just insufficient. Combining this AI-based innovation with a blockchain-based solution was vital to convey a decentralized attitude, followed by developing economic prospects for participants, transferability, transparency, inclusive growth, and an authenticity record.

What Is The Feedback To Earn Model?

Feed3’s Remarks-to-Earn (FB2E) feature allows users to record and transmit audio comments after playing a blockchain game. Players will get FD3 tokens, Feed3’s native currency, in exchange for their contributions. As a result, in addition to game tokens, playing the game awards players FD3 tokens.

The Feed3 technology, incorporated into the UI/UX of Play-to-Earn games, will allow local players and guilds to generate additional cash by simply supplying audio input. You will be able to submit comments once the gameplay session is finished.

What Is Freeda?

Freeda is a one-of-a-kind deep neural network algorithm that monitors and analyzes audio feedback and determines how many FD3 tokens to award to players by crawling through various characteristics such as duration, feelings, correctness, and validity.

To evaluate the truth and sincerity of audio recordings, Freeda applies technology similar to that employed by insurance and financial institutions. While processing the audio, Freeda considers various characteristics such as vocal intonation, voice stress, and speaking pace.

Who Are In The Core Team?

The Feed3 team comprises young, energetic, and enthusiastic people who want to change the web 3.0 economy. All are committed to the project’s success and have never missed an opportunity to show their support for Feed Three Limited.

The perfect combination of all the participants’ personalities and abilities contributes to making this attempt a success story.

What Is The Token Distribution?

Each category receives a certain amount of tokens from a pool of one billion tokens. The public presale tokens, the team, strategic alliances, and marketing will receive 5%, or $50 million. 10% is designated for operations. The liquidity pool will get 15%, or $150 million. The 20% represents reserve capital.

The Feed3 (FD3) Metaverse will be released in five stages, each offering new functionality. With multiple excellent features and a new market, it is poised to take the crypto industry by storm. Here is your chance to join in the revolution.

To find out more about Feed3 (FD3), visit the links below:

Presale: https://presale.feed3.io
Website: https://feed3.io
Telegram: https://t.me/Feed3Official



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