United Nations, Algorand Network To Launch Blockchain Academy In 2024

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An organization that works to end poverty on behalf of the United Nations is about to provide its 22,000 employees with extensive blockchain training.

The main goal of this program, administered by the United Nations Development Programme, is to enable the agency’s workers to actively contribute to the promotion of sustainable development in different countries.

By providing its staff with cutting-edge understanding and expertise in blockchain technology, UNDP hopes to capitalize on creative ideas that can be crucial in tackling issues related to poverty and supporting global sustainable development goals.

UNDP And Algorand Team Up For Blockchain Education

On November 30, the UNDP made a significant announcement about its partnership with the Algorand Foundation to create a complete blockchain academy that would open in 2024.

The goal of this academy is to provide comprehensive training on distributed ledger technology and blockchain to UNDP staff members working in different countries, making it a cornerstone of education.

The curriculum of the academy is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its real-world applications for sustainable development.

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With recorded lectures, interactive workshops, and practical assignments, it guarantees a well-rounded education. More than 22,000 UNDP personnel in 170 nations and territories will have access to the instructional materials, expanding the chance for colleagues at other UN agencies to receive training and upskilling.

Algorand Foundation Hails Partnership For Tech Innovation

The Algorand Foundation’s Head of Education and Inclusion, Doro Unger-Lee, expressed delight about the partnership and emphasized how it could spur technological advancement and innovation for the benefit of society.

The effort is considered a crucial initial step towards determining and providing practical, on-the-ground blockchain use cases to support the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals across multiple disciplines.

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For a number of years, the UN has been investigating blockchain applications. In order to encourage the use of DLT for social benefit, the UNDP and the Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) teamed in 2018.

The United Nations is increasingly embracing web3 and distributed ledger technology, and this course is just the latest example.

The UN WFP launched Food for Crisis in 2022 as a project to track donor monies’ utilization with web3 technologies.

Together, the UN International Computing Center, UN Human Rights Commission, and Stellar Development Foundation will begin providing financial assistance to populations affected or displaced by the conflict in Ukraine in December 2022.

Meanwhile, after the event, the price of ALGO cryptocurrency abruptly increased then decreased. The price of ALGO is still trading higher at the time of writing this post than it was prior to the news.

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