Uniglo.io will Burn Insane Supply Percentage, Can the Gold-backed Token outpace ApeCoin and LUNA?

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Decentralized finance has created novel financial services not possible within traditional finance. Crypto Assets will outpace conventional assets in the next decade, and every investor should take advantage of this rapid growth.

Uniglo.io introduces the digital asset standard, and this value-backed DeFi gem sets itself on a course to outpace ApeCoin and Luna.


Investors who want to store their assets and retain their purchasing power need to look no further. Uniglo delivers a viable store of value over extended periods through its unique digital asset standard and hyper-aggressive burning strategy.

Uniglo’s vault will contain large caps, small caps, stablecoins, and NFT assets. The NFTs represent tokenized physical goods such as gold and fine art: these assets have proved excellent stores of value throughout history. Uniglo has built solid momentum, and even Youtuber Darryl Boo– an altcoin gem specialist- has noticed this protocol.

On top of this, Uniglo has recently announced an enormous burn to decrease its total supply. This sharp reduction will put incredible upwards pressure on GLO’s price and could send the token parabolic.


ApeCoin holders join the ApeCoin DAO. This Web3 group focuses on pushing Web3 forwards. Holders of APE direct treasury spending and play an active role in the decentralized future. ApeCoin is the medium exchange for the Ape ecosystem, and all the major centralized exchanges already list APE giving it the potential to make a decent move when market sentiment reverses. However, compared to Uniglo, ApeCoin looks like a mediocre investment.


Many investors within crypto cannot believe that LUNA still possesses a market cap of hundreds of millions of dollars. After UST collapsed, even many long-term holders ditched their bags. LUNA’s continued existence remains perplexing to most analysts who see the token as the epitome of speculation and warn newer investors to be highly cautious if they decide to invest in LUNA.

Closing Thoughts

Risk-off sentiment dominates the market, and Jerome Powell recently spoke on the need to continue interest rate hikes. All bad news for risk-on assets, except more bear-proof protocols. Investors will find few investment opportunities as good as Uniglo and should seize the opportunity.

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