Uniglo.io Safe From Pro-Russia Groups Using Bitcoin And Ethereum To Bypass Restrictions

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Russian Restrictions

Significant banking restrictions have been placed on Russia’s economy and those who would support the incursion into Ukraine. Russian nationals and those in support of the war are looking at ways of moving assets cross-border to aid the frontline and those working in covert operations.

Most transactions taking place are using Bitcoin or dollar-pegged stablecoins on the Ethereum network. These kinds of transactions will very likely draw the attention of the governments globally that would want to halt these bypasses that allow the continuation of unlawful country-on-country aggression.

Ramifications For Crypto

The likely result for these cryptocurrencies is that they will be placed at the forefront of regulation discussion. This could very likely limit Bitcoin or stablecoin expansion in the short term until the bureaucracy ends and laws are established. Another interesting question raised from this is how it will affect those crypto currently in the limelight but not being used by these militia entities.


Uniglo.io is one such project that has been hitting the headlines recently as its presale starts to hit the final phases. As a store of value, backed by real-world tokenized assets, Uniglo.io luckily doesn’t fall under the typical remit of the types of tokens that renegade organizations would use and will certainly steer clear of being included in these regulation discussions.

Launching into this sort of environment is likely one of the most bullish times a project can choose, as figuratively, finding the very bottom of the escalator to step on means the biggest amount of distance to move upwards.


This news would likely be very bullish for GLO and other crypto that will not fall under this scrutiny. With Russia unlikely to continue this power struggle for the long term, now may be the time to load up on some investments.

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