Uniglo.io ICO expecting same returns as Solana and Fantom, Both Pushed Over 1000x due to massive tokens burn

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Uniglo just announced it will be burning all tokens leftover from presale! Experts are predicting a large-scale burn will send the price of native token GLO through the roof – have you purchased your lot in the presale yet?

Uniglo.io Burn Event

Uniglo is a multi-asset-backed social currency. To break that down, this means that its community gets to vote on what assets the project invests in, and there is a great deal of choice. Uniglo features the GLO Vault, designated to hold not only digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrency but also tangible treasure: from fine art and land deeds to gold bullion and classic cars. The choice is endless for holders of GLO. The Uniglo community is responsible for making key decisions about the direction of the project, much like when it was asked to vote on burning remaining tokens (in overwhelming agreement). Typically, when tokens are burned on a large scale, the jump in scarcity equates to a jump in price, leaving early adopters very happy with the latest resolution.


Solana blockchain utilizes Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake consensus technology and offers an alternative to market-leader Ethereum Network. For this reason, Solana found great success, especially at the launch of the native token SOL, as developers sought new ecosystems that aren’t reliant on EVM. The price of Solana pitched 10x in the short time between its launch in Spring 2020 and Autumn 2020, despite terrible market conditions. It went on to reach much greater heights, as Uniglo is similarly expected to do.


Fantom is a DAG-based (Directed Acyclic Graph) smart contract platform that uses EVM. Fantom opened Halloween 2018 at $0.01 and reached its all-time high of $3.46 three years later, netting vast wealth for those who bought and sold between those price points.


Historically, when large amounts of tokens are burned, you tend to see an uptick in pricing that correlates with the newfound scarcity of the token. With this in mind, expect GLO to experience a price boost as a consequence of the burn event. There is still a short amount of time left on the presale, while the limited allocation lasts. Act fast if you wish to take advantage of the predicted gains.

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Join Presale:  https://presale.uniglo.io/register
Website:  https://uniglo.io

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