Uniglo.io, Cardano, And Moonbeam Could Outshine Ethereum In 2023

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Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. With the completion of its upgrade and shift toward a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, Ethereum has made mining for crypto more sustainable. However, Uniglo.io (GLO), Cardano (ADA), and Moonbeam (GLMR) could shine a brighter light during the year ahead to outperform the smart contracts giant.

Uniglo.io (GLO)

Uniglo.io is a relatively new cryptocurrency project. It is still in its presale stage and set for launch on the 19th of November. However, Uniglo.io is quickly establishing itself as a crypto gem that investors should not miss. This decentralized project implements two features that could be revolutionary for passive income generators.

The project introduces the market to the Uniglo Asset Vault, which holds different kinds of assets, including digital currencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and real-world collectible items. The Vault’s purpose is to diversify the asset mix backing the floor price of the GLO token. Should there be fluctuations in the market, GLO remains steadfast, protecting the investment capital of token holders.

Uniglo.io also introduces the Ultra-Burn Mechanism, which operates to buy back GLO tokens from the market and remove them from circulation forever. The goal of this mechanism is to drive down the total supply of GLO in the market to enhance the value for long-term token holders. With its focus on wealth appreciation, Uniglo.io could outpace Ethereum in 2023.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano, a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform, could also outshine Ethereum during the year ahead. Cardano allows the creation of new smart contracts outside the protocol’s current scope. It aims to be the leading blockchain solution for individuals, companies, and institutions by providing an easy-to-use experience. As such, experts predict a strong year ahead for the project.

Moonbeam (GLMR)

Another project that could do well in 2023 is Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible smart contracts platform based on the Polkadot network. As such, Moonbeam enables the easy creation of interoperable applications and parachains, which are custom and project-specific blockchains. The project extends Ethereum’s basic features with additional services such as on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations. It also provides integration and connectivity between Polkadot parachains and other chains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin via bridges.

The bottom line

The year ahead could be exciting for Ethereum, but it could also be one of the best years to hold tokens from Uniglo.io, Cardano, and Moonbeam. Make sure you do not miss out.

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