UK Agency Seeks Crypto Investigators to Fight Finance Crime

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The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has opened senior roles for crypto investigators amid a rise in UK crypto crime. The positions align with the UK’s attempt to regulate the cryptocurrency market better.

In August, NCA seeks to fill the Digital Assets Disclosure Officer role within its Complex Financial Crime Team (CFCT).

Multiple Roles Open to Tackle UK Crypto Crime

NCA has opened one position of Digital Assets Disclosure Officer in multiple locations, with the closing date for applications being Aug. 21, 2023.

The CFCT’s surveillance team dealing with illicit finance investigations has reportedly operated a task force with the police.

The agency mentions that the role falls within the newly formed Digital Assets Team (DAT). DAT will investigate Blockchain-enabled crimes in compliance with the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (CPIA).

“It involves enquiries into criminal activity within virtual arenas, high end of high harm cryptocurrency and virtual assets fraud and money laundering offences carried out by significant organised crime groups and state actors,” states the agency’s announcement.

In addition to the above role, the NCA has put two other posts on the website accepting applications until today, Aug. 7. It opened two positions for a Digital Assets Cryptocurrency Financial Investigations Manager and one post for a Digital Assets Senior Investigator. Each role specifically focused on complex investigations involving cryptocurrency and digital assets.

Stricter Crypto Regulation in the Horizon

These positions come at a time when the UK is growing stricter in regulating cryptocurrency. This follows the neighboring European Union’s MiCA implementation for clearer crypto rules in 2024. Recent court sentences against crypto fraudsters and public demands for regulation highlight the urgency to fill top investigator roles.

Previously, the House of Commons Committee in the UK likened trading and investment in unbacked crypto assets to gambling in a recent report.

Last month, H.M. Treasury expressed disagreement with the proposal.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been vocal that he intends for the UK to become a global crypto hub. A recent survey also revealed that 91% of UK respondents know about crypto.

That said, the cryptocurrency industry in the UK experienced exponential growth. A report from 2021 found that the country led the global growth in the sector in the year. This was 450% growth, outpacing countries like the US and Japan.


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