Traders Union experts published a Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction

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When researching the cryptocurrency market, Traders Union analysts study the factors (technical and fundamental) that would influence the Bitcoin price performance. Based on the obtained information, the TU experts make a weekly BTC Price Prediction. You can find it in the Analytics section on the official TU portal. The section also features the online price chart of the first cryptocurrency and the information that will help you predict the future Bitcoin price on your own.

Bitcoin price prediction – Why do we need it?

Traders Union makes the Bitcoin price prediction so that users could view the history of the price changes and its prospects. This allows traders to improve their own trading strategy and trade at a lower risk.

Key benefits of studying the Bitcoin price predictions by Traders Union:

  • the price predictions are prepared by experienced professionals: experts with many years of experience and financial analysts;
  • the price predictions are stored for at least 12 months after the publication on the platform, which provides users with an access to view historical data and make informed conclusions;
  • the price predictions are based on various factors: events of political and economic nature, important financial news, etc.;
  • in addition to the price predictions, you can view an interactive Bitcoin price chart and receive the latest information on the price of the first cryptocurrency.

Why do you need to monitor the BTC price chart in real time mode?

The interactive Bitcoin price chart consists of many time frames. By using it, it is easier for traders to analyze how the price of the crypto asset changed over a certain period of time and what influenced the price. This helps predict the future dynamics and determine price growth or decline in advance.

The interactive chart is regularly updated online, so that you always have access to the latest data.

What does the BTC price depend on?

Various factors influence the price of Bitcoin, including the following:

  1. price movement of other cryptocurrencies. For example, if according to the Shiba inu (SHIB) price prediction a price decline is expected, it is possible that it may affect Bitcoin as well. Base crypto assets are interdependent;
  2. the use of the blockchain and its structuring. The price of the first cryptocurrency is influenced by the number of mined coins (the emission is 21 million), and also future mining opportunities;
  3. activeness of mass media and stability of the cryptocurrency community;
  4. important statements by CEOs of large companies in regards to the application of the first cryptocurrency in the financial and other sectors;
  5. Bitcoin regulation, political events aimed at the introduction of the first cryptocurrency in the economies of developed countries.

Best brokers and exchanges to trade Bitcoin by Traders Union

Financial analysts at Traders Union have analyzed Bitcoin trading conditions at different cryptocurrency exchanges and Forex brokers. Based on the results of the analysis, the following companies offer the most interesting opportunities for trading BTC:

  • RoboForex is an international brokerage company that has been in the market for quite some time. The broker conducts an open and transparent policy. Thanks to the low entry threshold ($10), even beginners can work with this broker. Traders can use leverage to trade Bitcoin on the platform.
  • Bybit is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that attracts traders with bonus programs and wide earning opportunities. The exchange is suitable both for active users practicing independent Bitcoin trading and for passive investors, who earn their income by staking. BTC exchange, P2P, and spot trading are available on the platform.


You can always find the latest expert materials on the official portal of Traders Union. TU analysts publish the latest Bitcoin price predictions weekly to help users save time on independent analysis and learn in which direction the price of the first cryptocurrency is expected to move. Traders Union is a reliable assistant for traders who require qualified support and expert assistance in earning a profit in the financial markets.


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