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The list of established tokens, rising stars, and streams of new projects is getting longer and longer in 2024. Although the old stables of crypto boast impressive track records and rising tokens capture the imagination with their meteoric rises, a growing trend sees a new breed of investors emerge; those exclusively choosing emerging crypto holdings are increasingly drawn to the potential of groundbreaking presales.

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This phenomenon reflects a core tenet of the crypto space: its unwavering embrace of new ideas and answering the tough question, ‘how do people make money with crypto presales?’. The boundaries in crypto remain a bedding ground for new ideas, constantly emerging, pushing the envelope, and challenging the status quo. This thirst for novelty is a significant driver behind the surge in popularity of presales, with an aim to find the top crypto presale to buy, with investors seeking the next big thing on the ground floor.

This article discusses three projects currently generating increased investor interest – Dreamcars (DCARS), Dogeverse, and Shiba Shootout – all at the presale stage. The answer to how people make money with crypto presales is quite simple: choose the right project with long term potential.

Dreaming of a Luxury Car? Join Dreamcar

Dreamcars stands out for its ability to redefine how people invest in and interact with luxury cars. Leveraging blockchain technology, Dreamcars introduces fractional ownership, allowing individuals to own shares of iconic vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce for as little as $10. This democratises luxury car ownership, making it accessible to a broader audience previously excluded from this exclusive market.

Dreamcars ensures authenticity by linking each NFT (non-fungible token) to a specific physical car. Blockchain technology underpins this transparency, recording every detail – from the car’s serial number to crucial vehicle information –  within the NFT metadata. This eliminates concerns about fraud and fosters trust within the ecosystem.

But Dreamcars go beyond mere ownership. The platform offers a compelling way to generate passive income. Luxury car rentals provide steady earnings, allowing investors to benefit from their holdings without effort. Additionally, Dreamcars fosters a vibrant community, creating a space for car enthusiasts and investors to share knowledge and experiences and explore investment opportunities. This collaborative environment fuels the platform’s growth potential.


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Dogeverse: A Galaxy Of Good Doggies

Dogeverse, with its recently concluded presale exceeding $13 million, exemplifies the current fascination with meme coins. These coins often capitalise on cultural trends and community sentiment rather than established use cases. While inherently volatile, meme coins can experience explosive price surges due to social media hype and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Dogeverse aims to be the top contender in the meme coin space by adopting a multichain approach. Utilising Wormhole’s cross-chain technology, Dogeverse seeks to bridge various blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche. Proponents believe this strategy will enhance liquidity and accessibility, potentially driving long-term growth.

Shiba Shootout: Meme Coins with a Wild West Twist

Launched in 2024, Shiba Shootout stands out for its captivating Wild West theme. The project immerses users in a world of cowboys, saloons, and thrilling crypto shootouts, offering an experience unlike any other in the meme coin realm.

At the core lies the $SHIBASHOOT token, which is used for various in-game activities and distributed strategically to incentivize long-term project sustainability. However, Shiba Shootout primarily focuses on entertainment and community building, with its long-term utility as an investment yet to be seen.

While both Dogeverse and Shiba Shootout capitalise on the current meme coin trend, Dreamcars offers utility. It tackles a real-world challenge –  limited access to luxury car ownership – and leverages blockchain technology to create a solution. Furthermore, Dreamcars provides tangible benefits like passive income generation and fosters a collaborative community for shared success.


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