Top 3 Cryptocurrencies under $1 That Are Worth Looking Into This Christmas

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Although there have been temporary upticks in the crypto market, they haven’t been profitable and digital assets have fallen in value significantly. Within only a week, Dogecoin’s value increased by 150%, beating other top cryptocurrencies! Although Elon’s recent controversies may have driven up the price of DOGE, the successful acquisition of Twitter is a clear indicator of success. Here are the top cryptocurrencies under 1$ that are looking good this period:

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1. Cardano (ADA):

Cardano is a blockchain network that was launched in 2017. It operates as a decentralized application platform for developers who can create dApps with ease. ADA has seen some success over the last year, but its price hasn’t been able to break out of the $1 mark and is unlikely to do so before 2022, but 2023 seems like a promising year.

2. Tron (TRX):

Tron is one of the most popular blockchain networks in the world, despite its low price. It has seen a recent surge due to its increased adoption by dApps and DeFi platforms. Unfortunately, TRX is expected to remain under $1 until after 2022’s Christmas rally.

3. Golteum ($GLTM):

Golteum is building an NFT marketplace that will allow users to buy, sell and trade gold backed NFTs. Alongside they just launched a utility token to be used within Golteum’s ecosystem. Its main feature is its ingenious protocol, which allows users to interact with the various products and services offered within the platform.

With the market on a downward trajectory and cryptocurrency prices taking an extreme hit since the start of 2020, investors are increasingly in need of viable assets that provide security for their investments.

While Cardano’s team seems to be constantly developing their blockchain in order to achieve the optimal way to solve the scalability problem and Tron aims at becoming the leading platform for sharing digital content Golteum decided to engage in an entirely new and unexplored territory; physical assets on the blockchain, and specifically gold. After the team successfully completed Certik’s KYC, they introduced the GLTM token which will function as the ecosystem’s utility token and will be used to access the various products and services the platform will offer.

It is worthwhile mentioning that GLTM’s smart contract has also been audited by Certik. Alongside Golteum’s team will be soon introducing their much anticipated NFT Marketplace: a digital space where you can purchase, exchange and trade NFTs backed by physical gold! A concept seen for the first time ever. This will give investors access to an innovative way to purchase, trade, and sell gold. We find very interesting the way Golteum is transforming the world’s oldest reserve currency into a Web3 accessible asset – unleashing Gold on a global scale like never before! Additionally, to support their mission in launching a top-tier trading platform, they’ve chosen to integrate the Fireblocks Web3 Engine. This includes custody services, treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and their highly anticipated tokenization mechanism for the handling of all gold NFTs.

Looking into GLTM today could be a wise move before the Christmas rally. In its pre-sale phase, the native token has seen remarkable success, as GLTM’s price skyrocketed by an incredible 85% from 0.07$ to 0.13$. We can assume that the hefty 20% bonus currently in place incentivises further early adopters to join in at this stage.

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Overall, investing in these low-priced cryptocurrencies may prove to be a wise decision for some investors as they might experience significant gains after 2022’s Christmas. With the crypto market continuing to evolve, it’s important to stay informed of new developments and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Invest wisely!

Cryptocurrency investments are always risky, so it’s important to be aware of the risks involved before investing. As with all investments, it’s crucial to do research and assess the potential returns and losses that could be incurred.

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