Today’s Crypto Highlights: Bitcoin Triumphs Insight of Big Eyes Success And Shiba Inu’s Finesse

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Keeping up to date with the cryptocurrency markets takes time, dedication and no small amount of skill, as the markets often rise and fall faster than you can refresh your screen.

With so many different micro and macro factors affecting the state of the crypto market at the moment, it is no surprise that many crypto investors and traders have some questions or just struggle to keep up with the daily onslaught of crypto news. With this in mind, this editorial seeks to provide you with some insight into the current popular headlines around Bitcoin (BTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Bitcoin Finds New Support Level

Over the last 48 hours, Bitcoin (BTC), among other cryptocurrencies, has shot up. The price of BTC has risen rapidly from $19,294 on the 25th to $20,658.13 on the 26th. This 7% increase in the price of BTC has seen it surge above its resistance level and find a new support level of $20,000.

Since the beginning of October, BTC has struggled to sink below $19,000. BTC has dropped below this support level on some occasions. However, it has always bounced back to its support level very quickly. This is because when BTC approaches $19,000, the volume of trades increases as buyers stampede to buy BTC at this lower price.

Over the last few days, Bitcoin’s price rally has surpassed its previous resistance level, which was between 20,000 and 20,300. It surged upwards and has now found a new resistance level of $20,670 (at the time of writing).

Why is Bitcoin shooting up?

The question on many people’s minds is why Bitcoin, among other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin, has been climbing to new heights over the last 48 hours.

Experts cite the fact that stocks have also increased over the last day. However, they are questioning whether this is enough to ultimately justify the BTC price surge.

Another reason people are seriously considering is the correlation between the fall in the price of the dollar and the rise of Bitcoin’s price. Experts are discussing the possibility that the dollar showing the first signs of weakness this year, could be pushing investors towards crypto and stocks.

According to the US Dollar Index (DXY), it has fallen from 113.85 on the 21st of October to 110.07 on the 25th of October. The dollar retreat is likely playing a role, as well as the pound’s recent crash, in the upsurge in cryptos like Bitcoin.

Why is Shiba Inu Surging- has it finessed its recent success?

Shiba Inu has recently burned a significant portion of its tokens, 45.16 million SHIB. In addition, another 147.5 million Shiba Inu tokens have been permanently removed from circulation in the last week.

Soon after the burning occurred, the price of Shiba Inu surged around 1,494%, from 0.000009911 on the 25th to the heady height of 0.0000107 on the 26th. This surge was in line with a larger upward trend in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Experts are wondering whether the surge was due to the burning of Shiba Inu tokens or the wider macro effects of the US Dollar Index (DXY) retreating and the stock market rising.

It seems likely that macro and micro factors were at play here, including adding a new crypto whale who bought one 3.36 trillion SHIB in one single transaction. The Shiba Inu community will be celebrating the success of their timely burn as the price of Shiba Inu keeps rising (at the time of writing).

Big Eyes Coin Presale is on Course to Hit the $9 Million Mark

One of the highlights of this week’s crypto top picks is Big Eyes (BIG) performance in its presale. Investors are bullish on Big Eyes as it approaches its launch day. It has raised a whopping $8.8 million and looks to reach $9 million before the weekend. This meme coin which seeks to save the oceans, create wealth for its community, and move wealth into the Defi, has gone from strength to strength in its presale and looks to finish in time for Christmas at this rate.

Big Eyes Coin presale just in time for the peak of Uptober

The extremely positive increase in the cryptocurrency market over the last few days looks suspiciously like the Uptober gains everyone has been talking about. Bitcoins’ steep rise and Shiba Inu’s upward surge are creating a long-awaited bullish atmosphere that Big Eyes coin is poised to capitalise on.

Not only has the Big Eyes presale succeeded despite the bearish market, which previously dominated, but it has also shown that it can grow rapidly before, with a massive 500K raised in one day. This kind of show of strength at this key time in the cryptocurrency calendar is likely to catapult this new crypto to the moon!


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