The Next Dogecoin? Viral Memecoin’s Presale Raises More than $4.25 Million and Sets a Record Pace

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DigiToads is a new viral meme coin that has taken the market by storm. Raising more than $4.25 million in a record time, TOADS has positioned itself as one of the best altcoins to buy right now. Thanks to its exponential growth potential, many experts believe that it could outpace Dogecoin soon. Read on to find out why investors embrace this new meme coin and why it is revolutionizing the meme coin market.

What Is DigiToads?

DigiToads has emerged as a rapidly growing meme coin in the crypto space. The DigiToads ecosystem is an innovative decentralized platform packed with features and capabilities. It utilizes TOADS as its in-house token that helps to facilitate user engagement, community enhancement, and participation.

The TOADS token offers its users the opportunity to engage in a play-to-earn (P2E) environment, allowing them to generate additional income streams while enjoying the gaming experience. The platform rewards the most successful players who win the competitions, but there will also be smaller rewards for the rest of the players in the form of monthly airdrops, encouraging participation.

Additionally, TOADS token holders can participate in the DigiToads trading competitions, providing a thrilling avenue for its users to be rewarded with Platinum Toads, which will grant them access to a portion of the profit on their trades. Those interested in trading could also join the Toad School, a complex trading course available for anyone who holds at least three Toads NFTs.

Apart from the P2E opportunities, DigiToads’ NFT marketplace comes with further opportunities to generate profits. Through the NFT staking mechanism, any TOADS holder can generate passive income, which is distributed from the staking pool that collects 2% of all transactions.

DigiToads has gained the trust of a consistently growing number of investors due to its reputation as a reliable crypto project. The positive reviews and full endorsement by Consult have further solidified the credibility of the DigiToads project, making it a favored choice among meme coin and crypto investors.

The versatility and utility of DigiToads and the dominating position of the TOADS token among other meme projects are an appealing and secure investment opportunity for those who are looking for the best cryptos to buy now.

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Can DigiToads Be the Next Dogecoin?

Crypto enthusiasts anticipate DigiToads’ huge potential, which is currently drawing the attention of meme coin investors, Web3 gamers, and traders alike. The TOADS’ successful presale adds credibility to its status as a noteworthy crypto asset.

Currently, DigiToads is in the seventh presale stage, with its selling price standing at $0.036 and total funds raised surpassing $4.25 million. While more than 286 million TOADS alt coins have already been sold, individuals who are still looking for investment options still can acquire tokens at a discount before the official launch in July.

Given these many features, it is no doubt that this viral meme coin is a highly promising asset. Compared to Dogecoin, it has a series of unique features meant to boost its value in the long term. For example, TOADS has multiple uses and can be used as a means of generating long-term income. The growing community, revolutionary utility-based token, and presale success indicate that this project is here to stay.


The meme coin market has been the subject of speculation for far too long. DigiToads aims to revolutionize this market, often based on jokes and memes, by offering a complex ecosystem that nurtures portfolio growth. It provides its supporters with multiple ways to generate income and earn via gaming. Based on the successful presale and many practical utilities, it is no wonder that many believe that DigiToads can be the next Dogecoin – and could even outperform DOGE in the long term.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.



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