Tezos Project To Take on TicketMaster after $4.5 Million Funding, Borroe AI-Crypto Blend A Big Draw For Investors

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In a remarkable move set to reshape the ticketing industry, Tezos has raised an impressive $4.5 million in funding, signaling its intent to challenge the traditional ticketing giant, TicketMaster. While Tezos strides towards innovation, investors and Web3 enthusiasts have their eyes fixed on Borroe ($ROE), the AI-powered funding marketplace that has emerged as a big draw for investors.

Borroe ($ROE): Enabling Hassle-Free Fundraising

Web3 has emerged as the next frontier of the internet, emphasizing equitable value sharing among creators and users. At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is Borroe ($ROE), an AI-powered funding marketplace designed to provide seamless fundraising solutions for creators and businesses.

Borroe’s vision is to empower businesses and Web3 market participants by providing them with instant cash flow through a groundbreaking approach.

By enabling businesses to sell future earnings from subscriptions, royalties, and invoices as discounted NFTs to supportive communities, Borroe bridges the gap between traditional funding systems and the dynamic Web3 space.

At the heart of Borroe lies the $ROE utility token, which embodies the spirit of empowerment and ownership central to the Web3 ethos. Holders of $ROE enjoy priority notifications, discounted fees, rewards, incentives, and even governance participation, giving them a stake in the platform’s direction.

With the presale ongoing, investors have a golden opportunity to grab a piece of the future. Stage 1 is live, offering $ROE at $0.0125 per token. The $ROE Beta stage presale sold out within a few days of going live, as investors took advantage of the token’s low price of $0.01 per token to amass the asset.

Borroe’s team of experts, led by Michael Price and Maxim Prishchepo, brings decades of experience in financial services, crypto, and blockchain technologies. Their vision and expertise are a driving force behind the project’s success, instilling confidence in investors looking for the next big opportunity.

Powered by AI risk assessment, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, the Borroe platform revolutionizes invoice discounting, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Buyers can easily trade discounted invoice NFTs on secondary markets, creating a dynamic ecosystem that promotes user empowerment. Borroe’s AI-crypto blend proves to be a game-changing combination, attracting investors eager to participate in the Web3 revolution.

The future looks bright, and Borroe’s AI-powered marketplace leads the way to a truly decentralized ecosystem.

Security and trustworthiness are paramount, and Borroe has passed the test with flying colors. BlockAudit, a top auditing firm, has meticulously reviewed and approved Borroe’s smart contract, ensuring a robust and reliable platform.

Excitement is soaring as investors continue to flock to $ROE. Experts make bold predictions of 100x returns, underlining the project’s strong fundamentals and promising future. The blend of AI innovation, secure blockchain technology, and the team’s expertise have investors buzzing with anticipation.

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TEZOS To Take on TicketMaster after $4.5 Million Funding

In a stride towards the future of ticketing, Tezos, the dynamic blockchain platform, has teamed up with Get Protocol, an NFT ticketing company, to challenge traditional giants like TicketMaster.

With a recent funding round raising an impressive $4.5 million, Tezos is poised to become the preferred blockchain for innovative ticketing and ushering in a new era of Web3-based event management.

The collaboration with Get Protocol marks a significant milestone for Tezos, as it sets out to disrupt the ticketing industry by offering an innovative “Web 2.5” ticketing approach. The funding injection brings new possibilities to the forefront, making it a promising venture for both investors and the future of event-goers alike.

With the funding in place, the future of ticketing is set to take a significant leap forward. Tezos’ foray into the ticketing industry with NFTs will undoubtedly create ripples of excitement among investors and enthusiasts as they eagerly anticipate a new era in event management.


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