Tamadoge goes up to 20x a few days after a successful launch on OKX

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Tamadoge has brought some life back into the cryptocurrency market after witnessing a 9x hike following its successful launch on the top-tier exchange OKX. The cryptocurrency surge started October 1st, allowing it to clock in a massive 350% price hike over the weekend. At its peak, TAMA reached as high as $0.205, registering a 20x gain for early presale investors.

Tamadoge Slow Start Vindicated

Tamadoge’s native token, TAMA, was listed on OKX on September 27th and began with a slow startto the dismay of many uninitiated investors. TAMA headed lower in the first three days of trading as it sank beneath $0.03 to reach a low of $0.02. 

During the initial trading phase, weak hands were quick to sell their tokens at break-even prices, but those that understood the scope of the latest P2E memecoin craze held firm and were finally vindicated. 

After finding support at $0.02, TAMA surged over the weekend to reach as high as $0.205 before retracing slightly. 

Tamadoge is a fun play-to-earn game that allows users to breed, train, and battle Tamadoge NFT pets to earn Dogepoints and climb a leaderboard. Those at the top of the leaderboard each month can claim the prizes in the Dogepool. 

The project is often described as a memecoin but stands apart from similar projects as it provides a plethora of utility for its holders. According to the whitepaper, the Tamadoge team will release a complete ecosystem that comprises a metaverse, a P2E arcade, and an Augmented Reality application.

Furthermore, the NFT Tamadoge Pets have a unique feature in which each NFT has an animated 3D model that allows the NFTs to be used as avatars in established metaverse projects. This means you could eventually be able to use your Tamadoge Pets as your avatar in Decentraland or The Sandbox if the partnerships are established. 

TAMA is Trending on DexTools and is the Top Performing Memecoin This Week

The weekend price surge sent waves of interest throughout the entire cryptocurrency space as Tamadoge started trending on various platforms. One of the most prominent platforms that saw TAMA trending was DexTools, a highly popular charting website that traders use to identify trending tokens;


Furthermore, the price surge for TAMA allowed the token to become the top performing meme coin on the CoinMarketCap rankings over the past week – hitting a 240% gain;Even Crypto Insights registered TAMA as the number one ranked top-10 gainers of Memetokens in the 24-hour period;

Hot Pairs DexTools TamadogeEven Crypto Insights registered TAMA as the number one ranked top-10 gainers of Memetokens in the 24-hour period;

Tamadoge Surges on Additional Listings and Binance Rumors

The 24-hour trading volume for Tamadoge is now breaching the $26 million level as the token gears up to be listed on additional top-tier exchanges during the week. 

As mentioned, TAMA has already been listed on OKX and the OKX Dex platform. Next, TAMA is already lined up to be listed on the following;

  • LBank listing – October 5th – 11:00 UTC
  • MEXC listing – October 5th – 13:00 UTC

It won’t stop there. With the high trading volume, there are rumors that Binance might be considering listing the latest trending memecoin. The world’s most popular exchange has already released a “How to Buy Tamadoge Guide” on its website, and the team has put in its application to have the token listed on the exchange;

NFT Drop on the Way

Ultra-Rare Tamadoge NFT

Adding further to the FOMO catalysts to help TAMA continue surging is its upcoming NFT drop, expected to be released on October 6th. 

In total, there will be 21,100 NFTs in the overall collection that will be split into the following categories;

The drop on October 6th will see 100 Ultra-Rare NFTs released from the overall collection for public sale and will be expected to sell out instantly. The NFTs in the Ultra-Rare collection have increased agility, speed, and awareness, providing holders with a boost that will help them win battles and climb the leaderboard. 

Overall, the entire Tamadoge ecosystem has many exciting features and catalysts to help the surge continue over the coming weeks.

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