Tamadoge and Big Eyes whales are now targeting Oryen presale after a 100% price increase

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When whales make moves in the crypto world, people take notice. That’s because the advice of people who’ve already made a ton of money in crypto should be looked at favorably. And recent whale moves suggest there’s a new crypto that could be primed for substantial future growth. If you want to make money for your portfolio in the coming months, consider following these moves.

And the recent crypto market has become somewhat harder to navigate, with big dips across much of the space. But there’s still money to be made, especially if you’re prepared for long-term growth. With a patient mindset and one that ignores hourly charts, the future could be vital for your investments if you make the right moves now. Especially with a token like Oryen:

Oryen (ORY)

There’s a reason why whales who made their money in other cryptos are starting to take a closer look at Oryen. They see a considerable amount of upside in that project and one that could easily provide a better ROI in the coming months than most other crypto investments or, indeed, real-world fiat investments.

Oryen has all the credentials needed to succeed, with a vast 90% APY paid out automatically into your wallet. You don’t need to stake on external platforms or even know what staking is to start enjoying huge gains with ORY. That’s why it was recently selected as one of crypto’s best altcoins. Now could be the perfect time to invest.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

With its NFT-based play-to-earn model, TAMA uses fun artwork and allows users to create and play with their pets in a virtual world. This project has critical mainstream appeal, which is why some experts recommended it as a choice pick for your portfolio. Now might be the perfect time to invest if you want to enjoy some of this growth potential.

Big Eyes (BIG)

Another crypto project that makes use of solid artwork and a fun ethos is Big Eyes. Many say it could be the next big meme coin to go massive and follow the gains of DOGE and SHIB. But BIG also gives something back and has a charity-focusses outlook at its core. So if you want to make gains while helping out, BIG could be the right investment for your portfolio over the coming months.


BIG and TAMA both have potential, and both arguably put the fun back into the crypto world. But ORY provides the most substantial passive income gains ever, so it might be the best pick of the bunch if you want to set your portfolio up for solid gains.

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