SpaceCatch Soars to New Heights: Token Presale Sells Out, Launchpad Round Awaits

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SpaceCatch, the groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) game, has experienced remarkable growth and momentum!

With its token presale selling out within a month, the last option to $CATCH the golden ticket will be in the Launchpad round in February 2024.

SpaceCatch Hits Impressive Grounds – $CATCH Token Sold Out, Raising $2.2M

SpaceCatch, one of the most anticipated crypto games, has recently announced the successful completion of its presale phase, surpassing an incredible $2.2 million in less than a month since its launch.

Widely recognized as “the Pokémon GO Killer,” even during its beta phase, the game has achieved remarkable results and set new standards in the GameFi industry.

Moreover, SpaceCatch established and broke records during this presale period, positioning itself as one of the fastest-growing GameFi projects in the industry that raised over $1M.

This recent presale completion signifies the immense interest and enthusiasm surrounding SpaceCatch, indicating a strong community eager to participate in this innovative gaming experience.

What’s Next for SpaceCatch?

As the presale concludes, the Launchpad round will be the last opportunity to $CATCH the tokens! This upcoming round will allow early adopters to secure their investment in SpaceCatch’s promising future and join a vibrant community.

With the presale’s success, development has accelerated, and the game’s development is rapidly advancing, solidifying SpaceCatch’s position as a frontrunner in the GameFi space and a potential game-changer in the blockchain gaming industry!

Also, the game’s demo is currently in the hands of professional testers, thus showcasing SpaceCatch’s immersive AR experience, captivating gameplay, engaging storyline, and supportive and vibrant community!

SpaceCatch’s low initial market capitalization of only $342,000 further highlights its enormous investment potential. This remarkably low valuation contrasts other gaming projects with live games like Axie Infinity.

SpaceCatch’s listing price of $0.09 represents a significant undervaluation compared to its peers, having an estimated fully diluted market cap (FDMC) of $9 million.

The SpaceCatch team is committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience to its players. The development pipeline is robust and efficient, with experienced professionals from top crypto projects joining the team.

The public demo is expected to launch in Q1 2024, followed by the official listing in March 2024.

As SpaceCatch continues to make significant steps, it is expected to become the GameFi winner of the next bull run!

Investors seeking early access to a groundbreaking gaming project with immense potential should take advantage of SpaceCatch.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is a revolutionary blockchain-based game that seamlessly integrates augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, amongst other powerful technologies.

Players embark on a thrilling journey to restore peace to Earth, battling against invading aliens and enhancing their catchers’ abilities through engaging gameplay and strategic decision-making.

SpaceCatch’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E) models incentivize participation and reward players’ contributions to the game’s ecosystem.

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