South Africa declared Crypto subject to Financial Services Law – your Best Bet to Avoid Regulatory Issues

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Recent news in South Africa indicates that crypto transactions will come under the jurisdiction of local financial services laws in the region. This indicates increased acknowledgment of the future of crypto by mainstream authorities. However, it could also lead to concern about too much intervention in a space that was supposed to be decentralized.

However, some credible projects can still help you avoid regulatory issues and make strong returns for your portfolio. The most prominent of these is Uniglo, which gives holders strong growth and a solid future if they add it to their portfolios. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

If you’ve noticed how expensive your monthly expenses and supermarket visits have become, you’re probably aware of how much inflation is rising. It’s a massive problem for the world economy right now. But with Uniglo, you get the perfect set of features, ideal for combatting growing inflation, as it’s the most deflationary token ever seen in the space.

GLO builds a vault of diversified assets that provide a firm base price for the token, protecting it from market volatility and providing a platform for steady growth. Fiat currencies lost their gold pegs many years ago, making them more open to inflation, meaning they could be printed whenever necessary. No new GLO will ever be printed or minted, and it will become more scarce over time thanks to the project’s innovative dual burn mechanism. With this mechanism, GLO is repurchased off the market to burn alongside being burned on every transaction, ensuring scarcity increases over time.

GLO is still available in its final pre-sale phase for a few more weeks, so now is the time to add it to your portfolio at discount prices that could go much higher.


Regulatory issues might continue to increase in specific locations, but GLO can help you avoid these concerns while providing strong price growth. That’s why now could be the perfect time to invest.

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