Some Ethereum Network Gems:, Ethereum Name Service, And Synthetix Network

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Ethereum Network boasts some of the most innovative products on offer today, including the likes of Uniglo, Ethereum Name Service, and Synthetix Network. Here’s why now is a great time to invest in these gems.

Uniglo has very recently joined the Ethereum Network. Its native token GLO has had a very promising start from its first phases of offering, boosted up 55% by major demand and adoption. Uniglo is deflationary, using its Ultra-Burn mechanic to keep pressure on the price by adding a 2% tax to all transactions. The Uniglo Vault will also buy and burn tokens when the community votes to do so. The Vault will hold digital treasures like cryptocurrency and NFTs, along with real-world assets like collectibles, classic cars, and gold – the community gets to decide on these purchases too. Money for asset acquisition will be raised via buy-and-sell taxes: This means that as the Uniglo community grows and uses GLO, they will be supporting the growth of the investment portfolio for all involved.

Ethereum Name Service

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized naming system, allowing users to buy human-readable labels to map to identifiers such as wallets, addresses, metadata, and content hashes. This is akin to websites having readable web addresses as a Domain Name Service (DNS). Anyone can buy and sell an ENS, much like a DNS, except Ethereum Name Service is governed by a DAO (as opposed to a centralized authority). Over the past 90 days, ENS has seen an upward, if volatile, trend in price.

Synthetix Network

Synthetix Network is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol. Synthetic assets are derivatives that provide exposure for real-world assets on the blockchain and act much like derivatives in traditional finance. Users can speculate on potential assets and gain access to unavailable assets and markets, without ever having to hold the item itself. SNX is used as collateral to mint these Synths.


Ethereum Network continues to prove that its stability, security, and reliability remain attractive to the projects it hosts. One of the finest picks currently is Uniglo, as a project in its early stages almost always presents the best investment window before the Vault and Ultra-Burn mechanics get underway and push up the price.

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