Solana (SOL) killed by Aptos (APT) as it increases 50% overnight, Snowfall Protocol breaks all-time high

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Solana (SOL) is one of the spectacular assets of the last bull run. However, the FTX debacle sent a rippling storm to the many protocols, including Solana (SOL). Fortunately, newer protocols like Snowfall Protocol and Aptos (APT) – dubbed the Solana (SOL) Killer – are doing a fantastic job replacing Solana (SOL).

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is a unique bridging solution for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The protocol has entered the limelight as the next unicorn project with long-term potential. Experts are confident that its native token ($SNW) will rise by more than 1000x, and it is already breaking all-time highs. However, is it too late to invest in Solana (SOL)? Should you ape in on Aptos (APT) or buy the Snowfall Protocol (SNW) token? Read on to learn more.

Too Late to Invest in Solana (SOL)? Meet Aptos, The Solana (SOL) Killer

Solana (SOL) is a popular layer one open source decentralized smart contract compatible chain. The network was developed to beat Ethereum to a cheaper, faster, better, and scalable crypto trading and dApp development. Solana (SOL) had an excellent price rise in the last bull run before its value was truncated by the fall of FTX.

At the peak of its value, Solana (SOL) clinched an all-time high price of $250 in November 2021, about a 14,000% rise from a previous low in January of the same year. After the black swan event and bankruptcy of FTX involving Solana (SOL), the token fell by more than 65% to $16 in November 2022.

The release of Aptos (APT) and its massive adoption caused a drop in the popularity and use of Solana (SOL). One of the key drivers of Aptos’ nonstop popularity is its retroactive airdrop worth more than $2000 at launch. However, the bearish market condition caused the Aptos (APT) token price to drop by 70% to $3.13.

Fortunately, the development of dApps like Fletch and the expansion with protocols like MathWallet, BloctoApp, and Toruga Finance was able to sustain its price. The token rose by over 50% and is one of the top gainers this year.

Snowfall Protocol: The Future of Bridging Technology

Despite the unbearable crypto market conditions and downfall of renowned giants,Snowfall Protocol (SNW), a new cross-chain bridging solution, continues to break all-time highs. The steady rise in the value of Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is solely due to its multiple unique use cases and real-world applications.

I’m sure you’re wondering what makes Snowfall Protocol (SNW) unique. Is it better than Aptos (APT) and Solana (SOL)? Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is a bridging solution that boasts the world’s first efficient bridge. Like a teleportation device, the protocol is designed to make the transfer of cryptographic assets to and from more than 200 EVM-compatible and non-EVM chains easier.

At its core, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) uses a canonical and reverse canonical bridging system for crypto asset transfer. There is also a wrap and swap protocol for NFT transfer—a feature that makes the protocol unique. Snowfall Protocol (SNW) breaks the communication barrier between chains by enabling interoperability, flexibility, and secured interchain interaction.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is undoubtedly a project aimed at explosive growth. Therefore, it is easy to see why its native token has become investors’ favorite in a very short time. Snowfall Protocol token ($SNW) trades at $0.182 in presale. Experts believe that the token will grow by at least 1000x—thus, the best time to buy is now!



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