Snowfall Protocol wraps up Stage 1 of presale successfully and is set to launch Stage 2 on November 2 with High Investor Interest!

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Whenever a new crypto project goes into prelaunch, its primary aim is to raise funds. This is no different than a conventional business or company raising money through a venture capital firm or an initial public offering (IPO).

In the case of crypto platforms, the developers are looking to raise capital from private investors. This is usually done through angel investors with a track record of investing in the specific area in which the crypto project is involved.

Presale Launches and their Benefits

After that, the project will then hold a presale launch. This is where the average crypto investor plays a role. For newbies exploring which coin to buy on the cheap before it launches, the most challenging part is finding a suitable presale.

Know that the presale will occur before the main launch. There will be a more limited number of tokens available in the presale, and the price per token is usually lower. This is why there is always a lot of interest from savvy investors in projects showing promise.

In case of heavy demand, the projects split their presale activities into stages to ensure that the maximum number of investors can benefit from the low-price offerings. Once the presale stages are concluded, the project will launch its main ICO. This will usually be at a higher price per token compared to the presale pricing.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) Stage 2 about to Start

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has just finished Stage 1, in which its Snowfall protocol (SNW) token increased from $0.005 to $0.015 in 30 days. Those investors fortunate enough to get in on this presale stage have paid just peanuts per coin. This means that investors will already enjoy an upside once the coin goes into Stage 2 and active launch.

Why Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is so Popular

Many popular blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies use different blockchain technologies. Enabling co-operability and exchange across various blockchain networks is an area where cross-chain bridges, sometimes called blockchain bridges, play an increasingly important role.

As the need for different blockchain-based Web 3.0 technologies keeps on growing, so does the need for co-operability. This is something that is possible by using cross-chain bridge services.

A cross-chain bridge facilitates an exchange of information, cryptocurrency, or NFTs between different blockchain networks. It enables the flow of data and digital assets across what would otherwise be isolated sets of data on different blockchains.

This is where Snowfall Protocol (SNW)  comes in, as it is the world’s first comprehensive NFT bridge exchange. It allows users to trade on one exchange, trading NFTs across multi blockchains.

Snowfall protocol (SNW) is getting a lot of support from discerning investors because of the cross-chain bridging support it is offering its users. It ended Stage 1, in which the price rose from $0.005 to $0.015 in 30 days, and 95,000,000 Snowfall protocol (SNW) were successfully sold, which completed stage 1. However, don’t be disappointed. Stage 2 starts on November 2, and investors have a chance to buy it before prices rise again.

There’s still an opportunity to gain a 1000% increase as experts and investors have become extremely bullish on Snowfall protocol (SNW) and with good reason as explained above.  Click the link below to learn more now!.



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