Snowfall Protocol, Moshnake and Flasko are unignorable as they upset established Coins!

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The crypto market seems to be primed and eager for rising new projects like Moshnake (MSH), Flasko (FLSK), and Snowfall Protocol (SNW).

This is because many investors are looking for new projects which can let them progress from the mistakes of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) and are ready to move ahead with a set of features and market awareness that will protect investors’ assets. This article will go over Moshnake (MSH), Flasko (FLSK), and Snowfall Protocol (SNW) services to demonstrate why you shouldn’t disregard the Snowfall Protocol (SNW) in particular.

Moshnake (MSH)

Moshnake (MSH) is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT-based gaming crypto project. This means users can play a game and earn as they win instead of just earning points. What makes Moshnake (MSH) unique is the game it offers its users.

Moshnake (MSH) was designed to encourage teamwork and help users to increase interaction with other players while offering everyone a unique gaming experience.

Everyone can partake in the Moshnake (MSH) metaverse. Its GameFi-based ecosystem offers a lot of potential to investors. Crypto projects built on the platform aim to target the decentralised gaming and DeFi industries to transform Web3 games and allow gamers to book financial gain. That being said, Moshnake (MSH) cannot be compared in breadth and scope of usability to the Snowfall Protocol (SNW)

Flasko (FLSK)

Flasko (FLSK) offers its users the unique option of letting them invest in the trillion-dollar luxury spirits industry. Flasko (FLSK) is on track to become a prime investment choice for 2022.

Flasko (FLSK) investors can invest in vintage whiskey, premium wine and champagne NFTs both fractionally and solely. Drinkers can even have their drinks of choice sent to their homes and the Flasko team handles the logistics involved.

Investors have the one time chance to invest in the Flasko (FLSK) presale and earn high returns. Given the sheer size of the luxury alcohol market, the coin has a lot of potential. Still, it is limited in scope and has little to offer regarding blockchain revamping compared to Snowfall Protocol (SNW).

Snowfall Protocol (SNW)

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) offers users a multi-chain compatibility protocol that speeds up secure asset transfer. What makes Snowfall Protocol (SNW) so appealing to crypto experts is the fact that the protocol supports cross-chain transactions between blockchains.

The problem that Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is solving is how electricity poles and wires connect different areas of a town.  Snowfall Protocol (SNW) will be the pole and wires infrastructure that will connect to every blockchain so people can freely move their assets around.

Separate blockchains are designed to be isolated by nature, and this is a challenge for NFT and DeFi exchange and trade.  With its cross-chain compatibility and bridge, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) will change this entire concept by supporting the free communication of digital assets and NFTs between native chains. Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is a project that is the future of DeFi, and it is because of this futuristic orientation,  most investors are incredibly bullish about Snowfall Protocol (SNW).

Currently trading at just $0.009, it’s clear that Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is a bargain for any investor.  Experts predict  a 5000% increase as it gains momentum leading to the launch date. Since the presale started, It’s already up more than 80%.




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