Silks Yearling Reveal is Taking Place Today and Silks Avatars Owners Will Get Their Racehorses

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The sports industry stands as one of the biggest benefactors of NFTs, as there is a massive amount of potential in how they can be used to engage with fans. Some of the biggest names in sports are already tapping into the power, and fans are lapping it up. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because NFT projects can create P2E games with blockchain technology, with exciting rewards up for grabs.

Some projects are going even further – not only are they creating an exciting P2E ecosystem, they are also creating a strong connection between the real world and their metaverses. One of the projects is Silks, which has made a remarkable debut in the NFT niche and climbed up into the Top 15 sports NFT projects.

What Caused Silks’ to Shoot Up the Charts?

It’s no small feat for a relatively new NFT project to shoot up a competitive niche like sports. But it’s clear why Silks is doing so because the project is truly one-of-a-kind.

Silks is a P2E game with a metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horseracing. Players can buy, trade, breed, and race thoroughbred racehorses. The real USP is that If your horse wins in the real world, you earn rewards as the owner of the virtual clone. There is an enormous amount of potential in this, especially in terms of marketing.

Players have several activities to take part in besides just buying, breeding, and racing their horses. They can also stake in the Community Horse Farms for NFT rewards, which is a good system to make some passive income. The game also lets you build Horse Farms on Silks Land in exchange for a fixed fee and a share of the rewards generated by Silks Horses.

Silks Avatars are required to enter the Silks Metaverse.

However, players will need a Silks Avatar to participate in the game, and the Silks Avatars sale is actually taking place right now. It’s running out fast, as over 65% has already been sold as investors race to get into the ecosystem. Avatars are virtual jockeys – with different traits and rarities – that represent the player in the game.

The benefits of owning a Silks Avatar include a lifetime mint pass for the annual Genesis Yearling Sale, exclusive experiences, giveaways, and IRL events. These activities earn players rewards. At this point, it’s worth diving into Silks Horses and what the Silks Yearlings are.

Yearlings are horses that are under 2-years old that have no racing experience. The yearlings revealed should begin their racing in 2023 and the game lets you track and earn from their development.

Silks is set to reveal its 1-year-old horses today and these mirror counterparts in the real world, taken from the top registered 1-year-old thoroughbred racehorses in the United States. The data that is tracked includes bloodlines, training progress, and on-track performance.

Avatar owners get a lifetime mint pass for the annual Genesis Yearling Sale.

Owners of the Silks Avatars NFT collection will get racehorses in the yearling reveal. The lifetime yearling pass is an excellent way to keep players engaged.

Silks has other NFT collections as well: Horses, Stables, and Land. All of these can be used in the game to generate revenue in various ways. Together, these collections create an organic playground of sorts and offer varied ways to earn revenue.

Silks Setting a Standard for P2E games

With all those features and NFT collections, it’s easy to see why Silks has become so popular so quickly. The project is set to launch its metaverse later this quarter and the release of NFTs will generate a lot of hype before that. Silks is one to watch and it could soon race to the top of Sports NFT lists.

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