“Secret” U.S. Draft Crypto Bill Touted as Positive for DeFi – Oryen Embraces Newest Developments

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Increased legislation on the crypto industry has often been a concern for those operating in the space. But recent news suggests that far from previous predictions, a secret draft crypto bill could be largely positive for the industry. This is in stark contrast to fears of increased intervention and a weakening of the crypto world.

One new crypto project also looks perfectly placed to embrace the most recent developments. Regardless of legislators’ decisions, Oryen is primed to succeed over the coming months and years. It’s got the perfect set of features that could be key in taking it mainstream. Here’s why it might be the best investment ever seen in the space:

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen has the most substantial set of credentials some experts have ever seen enter the space. That’s because it offers users a vast 90% APY passive income yield, with the easiest way to earn in crypto. Unlike many other projects, holders of ORY don’t have to move their tokens or manage staking to start earning passive incomes. Many of those other protocols aren’t truly passive. But ORY is because all you have to do is buy and hold to begin earning generous income yields directly into your wallet. Rewards are paid out faster than any other project, too, thanks to regular hourly rebase rewards that total 0.177% per day and compound over the year to a considerable rate of return.

By eliminating complications associated with staking, Oryen can put real DeFi passive earning benefits into the hands of regular investors. Many of these investors may have shied away from the crypto scene because they don’t understand things like staking and liquidity pooling. Now, they don’t have to. All they have to do is buy, hold, and earn.


Oryen is just entering its first pre-sale phase and could be the perfect option for your portfolio to thrive off the back of new legislation in the space. Now could be the time to invest.


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