Ripple CTO Explains How AMM Feature Will Enable XRP Holders To Earn Passive Income

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The decentralized open-source blockchain, XRP Ledger, is set to introduce more innovative solutions to XRP holders through its new Automated Market Maker (AMM) feature. The XRP community is currently buzzing with excitement as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ripple, David Schwartz, unveils how the AMM offers a unique avenue for earning passive income.

XRPL AMM To Empower XRP Holders

In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Schwartz discussed the ways an XRPL AMM could provide opportunities for XRP holders to make regular income through the AMM’s distinct trading mechanism. 

When asked by an XRP enthusiast about the potential risks of losing XRP investments if they participated in the AMM, Schwartz responded by stating that “it is not supposed to be possible to lose.” He clarified that the occurrence of losses would mean there was a flaw or unexpected bug in the implementation of the AMM. 

The Ripple CTO provided details of how investors can make passive income through the AMM’s liquidity pools. He stated that when a user provides liquidity to an AMM by making a deposit to its pools, they will receive “liquidity tokens” specific to the AMM liquidity pool they deposited to. 

Illustrating the strategy and mechanics behind the XRPL AMM, Schwartz revealed that the AMM works by permitting an increase in the value of a user’s liquidity token. He explained that this unique strategy was employed because it effectively converts volatility into a higher value for a token over a period of time. 

While the prospect of generating passive income through the AMM exists, Schwartz emphasized that an AMM does not prevent or safeguard against a decline in the actual value of your position. 

Expatiating his words with an example, Schwartz pointed out that if a user exchanged 1 XRP for $1 and after applying the AMM strategy the user received 1.05 XRP worth $1.05, then the strategy successfully increased the value of the XRP. However, if the price of XRP in dollars decreases, the overall value of your position may be lower. 

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of An AMM

In a recent X post, co-founder of Anodos Finance, Panos Mekras, provided a comprehensive definition of an AMM and its impact on the XRPL ecosystem. Using an analogy, Mekras described an AMM as a self-operating store where the price of items is not fixed by a single entity but determined by the availability of the item. 

Mekras revealed that when there is high demand for an item, active trades increase, and the AMM adjusts the price of items to reflect an inflated value. Conversely, if there is low demand, the AMM lowers the price of items to encourage trade. In essence, the AMM works by balancing the supply and demand system of an item. 

Schwartz also emphasized the mechanics behind the XRPL AMM by listing out several advantages and disadvantages of the feature. According to the Ripple CTO, the benefits of the AMM include turning volatility into yield, increasing yield by providing people willing to pay a spread to trade and minimizing the risk of losing the value of your assets. 

In contrast, the drawbacks of the XRPL AMM include the absence of a guaranteed yield, potential financial losses if the price of the token drops, exposure to counterparty risks, and susceptibility to potential bugs in the AMM’s implementation. 

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