Rarible Is On The Rise, Domini Shows Good Signs for Investors

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The business of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was once expected to die off, as many observers considered it unsustainable, mainly due to the exorbitant prices of some of these digital collectibles.

The opposite, however, is the case, with innovative approaches and tokens fueling the growth of the space. Rarible (RARI) and Domini ($DOMI) are among the tokens showing good signs for NFT enthusiasts and investors.

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Creator-Centricity Is on the Rise With RARI

In line with the Web3 objective, Rarible has embraced and boosted creator-centricity with its NFT marketplace and issuance platform. 

Anyone can create and post their NFTs for unique digital items, including artworks and game items, in the Rarible marketplace. RARI tokens reward those who interact actively with the protocol.

Co-founded by Alexei Falin and Alexander Salnikov in early 2020, Rarible intends to stand as a solution to the limitations faced by the intellectual property market, offering NFTs as an easily accessible alternative anyone can take advantage of in a few steps.

RARI holders govern the autonomous ecosystem that is the Rarible platform and protocol and get to vote on governance protocols. While on its way to becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the Rarible token is on the rise, much to the excitement of its investors.

After experiencing some bearish lows in prior weeks, the RARI token appears to be on a green track at the moment, with its 24-hour price growing by about 2.47% as of the time of this writing from $0.90508770 to %0.94531290. 

$DOMI Attracts Cryptocurrency Investors

On the other hand, Domini ($DOMI) is showing steady progress in the Beta phase of its presale.

Domini introduces innovation into the world of traditional art through blockchain technology. Using the practice of fractionalization, Domini reduces the barrier to NFT ownership and allows $DOMI holders to own artworks at a fraction of the price one would find in traditional art markets.

Domini works by first buying iconic artwork from authentic art vendors and then storing it in its vault. After it is secured, the artwork is digitized into NFTs or other digital assets. These digital assets are then divided into fractions, each representing partial ownership of the digitized artwork.  

The Domini ($DOMI) project might disrupt the traditional art market in that it allows art lovers or investors to own a diversified portfolio with only a fraction of the cost it would traditionally cost. It also protects against theft by securing the asset using blockchain.

Pioneering a new era of art ownership with $DOMI, Domini serves as the gateway that allows users to easily invest, trade, and earn on blue-chip masterpieces. 

This makes it a sensation for investors looking for something different, especially considering that investors reveal that the blue-chip segment of the art market has seen excellent value increase over the years since 2000 and has outperformed the S&P 500 by over 250%.

By using its business model to connect the traditional art market with blockchain technology, the Domini ($DOMI)  platform aims to change the status quo regarding blue-chip art ownership. 

Aside from being part of the decentralized art marketplace, token holders get priority access to new artwork and personalized recommendations to build and grow their portfolios.

$DOMI is currently in its presale Beta stage and selling for $0.0021. So far, almost 15 million $DOMI have been sold, with a little over 20 million remaining before the price increases to $0.002625.

With $DOMI, art ownership might cease being a thing of the elites and become something digital assets investors can participate in. Domini also offers another avenue for both mainstream adoption of digital assets and financial inclusivity by fusing art and finance.

The NFT space will see further evolution over the coming years, but right now, RARI and $DOMI seem to be high on investors’ lists.

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