Purchase Supontis Token to Experience its Potential to Surpass Giants Cronos and Halo in the Coin Market

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Many crypto projects and blockchain networks hit the crypto industry daily in hopes for their tokens to become the next big cryptocurrency. Beyond dominating the coin market, these ecosystems positively aim to change the blockchain industry. However, for this general aim to be achieved, there needs to be interoperability between networks, which has brought the need for Supontis Token (PON).

Supontis Token is coined from two words, “super” and “pontis,” the Latin word for bridge. In essence, it’s an ecosystem that serves as the bridge to connect blockchain networks and ensure crypto users are swapping assets effectively at low costs. Supontis Token also helps project developers collaborate across different blockchain networks to leverage their various benefits.

The bridging platform is tokenized by PON, the native utility token that’s a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Holding a large number of PON tokens will give you access to submitting proposals for the ecosystem’s progress. PON tokens also give holders access to governance rights in the ecosystem.

Currently, the platform enables the cross-chain transfer of assets between the blockchain networks of Ethereum, Binance, Tron, and Fantom. However, as more crypto users adopt the cryptocurrency, the platform will scale to involve several other blockchain networks. With an ecosystem like Supontis Token, you’ll get interoperability between platforms like Cronos (CRO) and Halo (HALO).

What Values Could Supontis Token Offer That Makes It Surpass Cronos And Halo In The Coin Market?

Cronos is the platform where developers get to build decentralized applications that they can easily port from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. Furthermore, CRO tokenizes the Cronos ecosystem, and its users get the chance to be funded for their brilliant crypto projects. The platform has over ten million users keeping it high in the cryptocurrency market.

Halo, tokenized by HALO, is the ecosystem that gives crypto users access to a diverse set of cryptocurrency tools that you can customize to suit your needs. Beyond this, you can also trade and manage your crypto assets on the platform, making it a desirable project for all your crypto needs.

However, as you’re building projects on Cronos platforms and accessing crypto tools on Halo, you need interoperability to swap crypto assets across blockchain networks efficiently. This gives the Supontis Token platform the edge over both ecosystems that could boost its value in the market.

Supontis Token uses a special mechanism to ensure its PON users enjoy low transaction costs as they transfer crypto assets. With Supontis Token, when you initiate a transfer on an initial blockchain, your crypto assets will be temporarily locked on that blockchain. It’ll then create wrapped assets on the other blockchain that will be the receiving end.

Hence, there’s no transfer or exchange of assets anywhere. Instead, the mechanism instead uses a smart contract to execute the transfer request in a two-step process. This entire process is possible through a two-way binding system that ties the value of the created tokens in the destination blockchain to the original ones in the initial blockchain, making them have the same value.

Why Is Supontis Token On The Binance Smart Chain?

Supontis Token is on the Binance Smart Chain to PON users, allowing them to enjoy benefits, including high-level security, lightning-quick transaction completion speeds, and low cost of transactions. Supontis Token chose BNB smart chain for its smart contract programmability built on solidity, object-oriented, and is secure programmable language.

Supontis Token Staking And Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

Supontis Token has a staking feature where user can lock up their PON tokens to PONport the integrity of the network. Staking tokens allow you to earn a portion of the income from the investments that Supontis Token will make with the locked tokens.

Supontis Token uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning that operational decisions and future proposals for the platform must be submitted and agreed upon by the network’s users.

Supontis Token is a highly-scalable ecosystem with the potential to make PON holders massive profits from holding and staking. Purchase PON today!

To find out more about Supontis Token (PON), visit the links below:

Presale: https://register.Supontis.com
Website: http://Supontis.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/SupontisTokenOfficial




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