Predicting the Future: How VeChain and NFTFN Stack Up in 2024’s Crypto Race

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As the crypto market is getting sculpted to grow to new levels in 2024, the price rises of many tokens are lending their hands to make that happen. Investors can align their portfolios with promising tokens to harness the largest gains they have ever seen. Simultaneously, picking the proper tokens will make their investment strategies outshine the gains accumulated by other investments.

Analysts are making it easy for investors to pick such assets, naming VET (VeChain) and NFTFN to rally massively in 2024. Let’s understand why analysts are bullish on them.


VET is not new to the crypto market, launched in 2018 alongside the blockchain network it is native to, VeChain. VeChain is created as an ecosystem for enterprises to launch their deployments and harness blockchain benefits to better their processes. To that end, VeChain’s capabilities resonate with the supply chain management industry. Its transparent and immutable data storage is revolutionizing various supply chains, leading to several enterprises using VeChain for their needs.

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And that is reflected in VET’s price movements as its year-to-date (YTD) gains lie over 100%. That momentum will take the asset up even more during this bull run, with the token expected to reach $0.065 in a couple of weeks from its current price of $0.046. The token will then surpass its all-time high (ATH) of $0.281 in the coming months and get to the $1 mark past that achievement. Also, certain market experts suggest that it can rally up to $5 by year-end, replicating its amazing rally from 2021, when it observed 14,638% growth in a short period.


The NFTFN token is the most exciting candidate this year, as touted by experts and analysts. Currently in its presale stage, investors can get their hands on the token for just $0.025. That low price is forecasted to shoot up tremendously – analysts state that it can show 400X growth and reach $10 by the time 2024 concludes.

The optimistic outlook for the NFTFN token stems from the NFTFN platform, which the token is native to. The NFTFN platform is a novel NFT trading application that lets users trade with $10. The platform innovates by allowing users to get in with that low funding to extract gains from the robust price actions of some of the most popular blue-chip NFTs worth in the thousands.

This low entry barrier ensures every NFT enthusiast can now interact with their favorite NFTs, a feat that was not possible earlier. And that sets the platform up for mass adoption when it is launched, positioning the NFTFN token to witness gigantic price surges that experts claim will invariably occur.


2024 will be a great year for crypto, with the first three months already setting the platform for token prices to go higher than ever. Two assets look to make the best of that. VET and NFTFN will witness impressive growth, and investors aligning their portfolios with the tokens will make the most significant returns.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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