Plona (PLON) Predicted to Sell Out Presale, Chain (XCN) Has Another Poor Week, And Aptos (APT) Down by 40% on Launch.

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Getting into the cryptocurrency industry is much harder than it looks. Knowing the wisest crypto to invest in and when to make the investment is tricky. Chain (XCN) has been in the blockchain industry for nearly a decade and is currently struggling. Recently launched Aptos (APT) faces the same concerns. Meanwhile, Plona (PLON), also new in the crypto marketplace, is all everyone is talking about.

Is the team at Chain (XCN) worried about a 12% decrease?

Founded in 2014, Chain (XCN) is an infrastructure provider for Web3. The Chain (XCN) platform aims to provide scalability within Web3 and easy access to smart contracts. As an enterprise-grade cloud-based blockchain infrastructure provider, Chain (XCN) offers a collection of products built to make launching and running a blockchain network more accessible.

The team at Chain (XCN) aim to reduce the confusion of new investors in the cryptocurrency market. Chain (XCN) focuses on streamlining its onboarding process and enables its users to stake XCN and earn rewards. Chain (XCN) is currently down by 12%, which is certainly significant for a community-driven cryptocurrency blockchain. Now worth $0.06119, Chain (XCN) will hope for better results next week.

Aptos (APT) is not looking good after a 40% drop.

Aptos (APT) is a layer-1 proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain heavily supported by Venture Capitalists. Considered a successor to Meta, Aptos (APT) aims to be the leading cryptocurrency in Web3 future developments and compete with Bitcoin (BIT) and Ethereum (ETH) in scalability. By using the Move smart contract language, Aptos (APT) was designed to be scalable and have a high throughput.

The creators of Aptos (APT) developed the platform to use decentralised technology to imitate the cloud infrastructure powering Web2. After dropping over a third of its value from its first trade at $13.73, Apto (APT) plummeted drastically. According to GoinGecko, Aptos (APT) declined by 40.5% and is now trading at $8.06. If you were an early investor, these might be troubling figures given Aptos (APT) only recently launched

Plona (PLON) investors are ecstatic with the platform’s numbers.

Plona (PLON) is another Ethereum-based NFT project to hit the cryptocurrency market. However, this platform differs from its competition because of its goal to promote fractional ownership by tokenisation of luxury cars. Investors on the platform can own a fraction of their favourite exotic vehicles for $29. Plona’s (PLON) presale has started off with a hit.

With around 140 million tokens available to purchase during its stage one presale, cryptocurrency analysts anticipate the platform to sell all of them. Investors will also benefit from a 2.5% transaction fee on all network transactions. You will also be happy to know that 2% of Plona’s (PLON) tokens will be donated to a charity chosen by its users. Starting at $0.012 for one Plona (PLON) token, blockchain experts and investors predict a 3,000% gain by January.

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