PiCoin price prediction: learn why these 3 new tokens are set to beat it

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The crypto market has no shortage of tokens with unique ideas and use cases. Often, these coins come out of the blue and take the market by storm. It’s not always the case that these tokens are successful (and can often be scams) but nonetheless, they take over the market for a while.

One token that’s been making the headlines in recent weeks is PiCoin. The project is making waves because it alleges to allow you to mine the native token using only your phone’s hardware. They mine PiCoin and there have been some bold claims about the token and project.

But can this token actually go anywhere? What’s the prediction for PiCoin?

What’s the Price Prediction for PiCoin?

The PiCoin project was founded by three students from Stanford, with the mobile app released in 2019. Since then it appears to have grown considerably, at least according to the project’s own claims. The network reportedly crossed 35 million users in June. With all the fuss that people are making about PiCoin, what does the near-term future for the token look like?

Some analysts are expecting that PiCoin can hit $0.1 by the end of the year. Currently, the token is priced at $.007.

The jump to $0.10 is going to be a big ask and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it will manage that. However, there are some other tokens that are showing even more promise and are also focused on altruistic causes.

These 3 Tokens Can Beat Pi Coin

There are many tokens on the market at the moment that are focusing on doing good for the world. These tokens are winning investors over and the first of these is IMPT, a carbon credits platform that wants to make the environment better.

IMPT allows users to purchase carbon credits with IMPT tokens, with 1 carbon credit equal to 1 ton of carbon output. To this end, it has features such as a green NFT marketplace, the ability to support environmental projects, a shopping platform, and a social platform.

It’s clear that IMPT is the sort of project that crypto enthusiasts want because of their interest in the presale. The project is currently conducting the first round of the IMPT presale, in which each token is priced at $0.018.  The second presale will see 660 million tokens sold at $0.023, while the final presale will have 540 million tokens sold at $0.028.


Tora Inu (TORA) is another project that is quickly growing. The token is a meme coin but offers a lot of utilities for an asset of its nature. The ecosystem includes a P2E game where players can battle each other and will later feature a metaverse. Players can also level up their NFTs.

The last of these tokens is Calvaria (RIA), another P2E game that also offers a Free-to-Play version. Calvaria is becoming popular because of its accessibility, as it allows even those with no crypto experience to play. The game has mini-games, staking, and a DAO, among other things, and wants to put the players first in the ecosystem.

IMPT and Others Can Outperform PiCoin

The market will continue to see new tokens enter the market – of that there’s no doubt. Tokens like PiCoin will certainly attract a fair share of users, but in the long term, people will look to other projects for greater applications and potential profits. IMPT is the perfect example of this, as it is working on a globally important cause and pulling all sorts of stakeholders into its ecosystem. Learn more about the project in the IMPT whitepaper and check out the IMPT presale if you wish.

Check Out the IMPT Presale


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