PEPE Showing Worrisome Signs, Metacade Soars After MEXC Listing

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The crypto markets often produce unusual talking points, and the meteoric rise of Pepe is undoubtedly one of those. At times, meme coins defy explanation as they rely on investors pumping the price due to manic speculation. Regardless, the Pepe crypto token has seen significant returns in recent weeks.

However, experts predict the Pepe crypto token will suffer setbacks in time, in stark contrast to other early-stage projects such as Metacade (MCADE), which has the potential to be a game-changer in the play-to-earn sector.

Experts prepare for a Pepe crypto price crash while Metacade’s new exchange listing takes it further up the charts.

Pepe is a brand-new meme coin that has been trending in recent weeks. The token started at just $0.000000057 and has since risen to $0.0000021. This has led to investors across Web3 wondering whether to get involved – but most meme coin explosions have rarely lasted long, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Meanwhile, the MCADE token continues to rise after its presale attracted $16.4 million worth of investment. Since then, the price of MCADE has more than doubled thanks to several high-profile exchange listings. These include Uniswap, Bitmart, and, most recently, MEXC. As a result, MCADE can currently be bought for $0.022 after starting its presale at just $0.008.

Both tokens are brand-new to the world of Web3, but they offer very different value propositions to their investors. On the one hand, the new Pepe crypto gains its value from speculators in the space, but more often than not, meme coins are pump-and-dump schemes with a few whales manipulating the price of the tokens. On the other hand, Metacade is a comprehensive GameFi experience that brings brand-new ways to earn a crypto income.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the first community-driven arcade on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the largest project of its kind that brings play-to-earn mechanics to a long list of classic arcade pastimes. Metacade offers more P2E games than any comparable platform, which gives gamers extensive opportunities to earn MCADE token rewards.

The project also aims to become a buzzing hub for crypto users by extending the play-to-earn mechanic into some ground-breaking features. Metacade will connect investors, entrepreneurs, and gamers in brand-new ways while providing a range of additional earning mechanics that go beyond the metaverse arcade.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token is primarily used to provide rewards for gamers in the arcade. As well as this, investors can stake their MCADE tokens to earn a passive income directly through the platform and also use MCADE to vote in governance proposals that are released by the project’s core team.

The metaverse arcade offers both casual and competitive gameplay. It contains a vast collection of P2E games in a single location and allows users to earn MCADE tokens while trying to beat their high scores. Alternatively, players can earn crypto by joining paid entry tournaments through the Compete2Earn feature.

Metacade’s community hub brings a unique way to earn additional MCADE token rewards. Content creators can earn for their community contributions, including by posting game reviews, sharing the latest information about blockchain gaming, or interacting with other users on the platform.

The project also aims to connect blockchain professionals with paid job opportunities in Web3. Metacade will advertise open roles at its partner projects, ranging from full-time to part-time positions. As well as this, the Work2Earn feature will provide gig work for blockchain gamers, who can test out the beta version of new P2E games for MCADE token rewards.

Will MCADE reach $0.10 in 2023?

Price analysts are expecting solid returns for MCADE from the current price level. The token has extensive utility on an appealing GameFi platform and deflationary tokenomics featuring a limited supply of tokens, plus buyback and token-burning mechanisms designed to maintain the value of Metacade tokens in the long run.

The mid-term price prediction for MCADE targets $0.10 as a critical resistance level. This would be a 3x return from the current price level if it plays out and a 12.5x return from the earliest presale price level.

What is Pepe?

Pepe is a new meme coin in Web3. The project shot into the stratosphere very quickly after it was first created, as it captured significant attention across social media and attracted major investment. The Pepe crypto token aims at older meme coins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which have struggled to keep pace with the Pepe crypto token’s explosive price action.

Despite its recent success, critics have highlighted that the Pepe crypto token doesn’t have any utility. Even Pepe’s developers confessed that PEPE has zero utility and is just a joke coin. However, it has embedded value as a humorous take on older meme coins and represents one of the most popular internet memes in the world right now – Pepe the Frog. The token was launched on the Ethereum blockchain and has a fixed total supply.

Will Pepe crypto token reach $0.000004 in 2023?

Pepe is unlikely to breach the $0.000004 price level this year. The token has already climbed significant multiples since it first launched and seems now to be running out of steam. Late entrants may be disappointed by the future price action of the Pepe crypto token, as a downside is more likely than upside over the near term.

Metacade vs. Pepe crypto price prediction: Which token is the better buy?

Metacade continues to make strides as it builds a comprehensive GameFi platform for Web3 users. Upside from this point is highly likely, especially over a multi-year time frame. In contrast, very few meme coins, such as the Pepe crypto token, rarely retain their value – as even DOGE and SHIB are down 90% and 89%, respectively, from their all-time highs.

Savvy investors would do well to opt for a more reliable long-term investment such as Metacade’s MCADE token. Some experts predict that it could produce 3x returns in the mid-term and possibly more than 10x returns by the next crypto bull market. More information about the project’s goals can be found in the Metacade whitepaper.


You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE, here.


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