Oryen Network Presale books 3X for early backers, while Solana and ApeCoin trying to recover from market sell-off

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Investing in a crypto’s presale can be a great way to get a large number of tokens for a reduced price. It is also a great way to get in early on a project with potentially high returns. By investing in the presale, you can get in on the ground floor and make a lot of money if the crypto does well.

However, the crypto presale market has been rocked by recent sell-offs, and yet, the Oryen Network was able to buck the trend and rise by 3X since the first phase of its presale. This comes as both Solana and ApeCoin have been struggling to recover from the market’s dip. Investors have put their faith in Oryen Network, and the successful presale means the project is well on its way to becoming a significant player in the blockchain space.

Understanding the Power of the Oryen Network

Oryen has built the most advanced blockchain platform in the world, and its auto-staking feature gives an ROI of 90% per annum. In addition, it has a rebasing mechanism in that the rewards are distributed directly to a holder’s wallet, and that too every 60 minutes. Moreover, the platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain network that allows for smart contract execution and enables a frictionless experience for its users.

ORY, the network’s native token, has an elastic supply of 40 million tokens, and the supply pool is determined by the increase or decrease of the token’s price. The token has no vesting requirements, and the presale is entirely transparent, so investors can trust that their funds are safe. In addition, the launch price of ORY is $0.35, which gives all its ICO investors an excellent opportunity to secure presale gains. Finally, Daryl Boo, a crypto whale and YouTuber, has supported the project and shared his positive feedback about the project in his video review.

Oryen is currently in the fifth phase of its presale, and the early bird bonus is still available until the end of its ICO. If you want to invest in the innovative DeFi platform, here is their presale schedule:

Presale SessionDateORY PricePurchase Bonus
Presale 202 Nov — 09 Nov$0.110%
Presale 309 Nov — 16 Nov$0.119%
Presale 416 Nov — 23 Nov$0.128%
Presale 523 Nov — 02 Dec$0.157%
Presale 602 Nov — 09 Dec$0.1755%
Presale 709 Nov — 16 Dec$0.215%
Presale 816 Nov — 23 Dec$0.255%
Presale 923 Nov — 27 Dec$0.30%

Is Solana Under Pressure?

Solana is an innovative blockchain platform with an ecosystem of several lending protocols, NFT projects, and DeFi platforms. It introduced the Proof-of-History consensus, making it quicker and more cost-efficient to perform transactions. Its native token, SOL, is used to pay fees on the platform and for purchases in the Solana ecosystem. SOL can also be used for staking, which is crucial because it encourages wider adoption among crypto investors.

The token has been under fire recently after it was revealed that Solana had a considerable amount of assets invested in FTX, a decentralized exchange that went bankrupt recently. SOL’s price has barely moved since then, and analysts suggest that a recovery in the price of SOL is not likely to happen anytime soon.

What is ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as the governance and utility token of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). BAYC is an NFT project developed by Yuga Labs and allows users to buy, sell and trade unique NFTs based on cartoon apes. The token can be used for governance purposes for the DAO and can also be used to access additional exclusive services like games and merchandise.

Bottom Line

While the crypto market has been recovering from a sell-off, Oryen Network has risen above the market and has become a major player in the blockchain space. It is clear that the Oryen Network presale has been an excellent success for investors, and it is likely that the project will continue to be a success in the future.

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