Orbs Doubles, Loom Slides 39% And Nugx Launches to a Frenzy

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Orbs (ORBS) has seen a remarkable price increase, while LOOM faces a challenging 39% decline. At the same time, NUGX has stormed the crypto scene with an exciting launch. 

NuggetRush: A Game-Changer in the Gaming Industry

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NuggetRush, the brainchild of the Impact Gaming community, stands out in the realm of meme coins and crypto gaming. Unlike projects with limited utility, NuggetRush has introduced a community-owned play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game. The game comes with a play-to-earn model that rewards active participants handsomely, enabling them to exchange their in-game items for real-world commodities like gold and cash.    

It also extends a helping hand to artisanal miners in underdeveloped countries.

NUGX, which is the governance token of NuggetRush, gives players a voice in the game’s development. The platform does have a buy or sell tax, and it ensures a more accessible and straightforward user experience. 

The smart contract’s transparency is guaranteed through an audit by SolidProof, and it will be renounced after launch, transferring control to the community.

The Rush Guild VIP membership offers exclusive benefits, including discounts and voting rights. Players can engage in a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace and even obtain rare RUSHGEM NFTs that can be exchanged for real-world gold.

The NuggetRush team is a diverse and talented collective, blending expertise in blockchain technology, gaming, and community-driven initiatives. Dreamer’s core is the main characters involved in implementing the project who aim at changing the gambling and crypto business.

Experienced and skillful Maxwell Stoneforge can be a true leader for NuggetRush success. The team is also joined by Marcus “Mack” McAllister, an experienced miner and safety enthusiast, as well as Amelia “Mia” Gallagher, an environmental-oriented metallurgist.

These are some of the experienced and informed leaders who give the project’s uniqueness. Together, they guide NuggetRush with a vision of combining entertainment, skill, and benefits for gamers, and miners, making NuggetRush a promising venture in this evolving landscape.

NUGX, the governance token at the heart of the NuggetRush ecosystem, is currently in the midst of a presale that has captured the crypto community’s attention. At the moment, this round has 62% of the tokens already sold out which shows that the project has good support.

This gives the investors a chance to buy the tokens in different rounds and an added advantage being among the first.

All steps taken in the NuggetRush game can lead to financial rewards. The game also gives a chance to turn memes into tangible value.

ORBS: Doubling the Impact

Orbs (ORBS) has made significant strides lately. Orbs is a public blockchain infrastructure that empowers enterprises to offer decentralized tools and services with blockchain-backed guarantees. 

The main mode of payment within Orbs’s economic structure is the ORBS token.

According to CoinmarketCap, currently, the cost per ORBS is $0.056 with a daily trading volume that exceeds $91,000,000. In the last seven days, Orbs’ token has appreciated by a whopping 120%, thus pushing its market cap to $178 million plus.

LOOM: A Temporary Setback

Unlike Orbs’ rise, Loop Network’s (LOOM) price recently declined. Loom Network is an Ethereum platform-as-a-service (PAAS) with a Software Development kit (SDK) built for large scale, distributed Social applications and games. The Loom dAppChains are paragons of the Ethereum mainnet, where the token called the LOOM gives rights to users to use dAppChains within the Loom Network.

The current price of Loom Network (LOOM) is at $0.1759 and the 24 hours trading volume according to CoinGecko report is $417, 162, 623, as of today. During a period of 24 hours, LOOM dropped steeply by almost 39% after hitting $0.5 three days ago.

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