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OnlyOrigin rocks the market on October 20, 2022

On October 30, 2022, a new NFT marketplace – was officially launched on wed3.0. This is a decentralized NFT platform based on Web3.0, and deeply integrates NFT and DeFi into the platform’s operation strategy, creating a gamified NFT trading platform for users who like to explore the metaverse through games.

As the NFT market matures, collectors are becoming more and more educated, eager for more high-quality blockchain platforms and a better experience comparable to the mainstream NFT trading market. OnlyOrigin aims to create a gamified NFT trading platform. By developing a series of interesting functions, it can realize more creative collection methods and give NFT collectors more high-quality purchasing options.

OnlyOrigin creatively combines gamification and NFTs to ensure endless fun while exploring the NFT marketplace. Make NFT accessibility and NFT buying more playable than ever, optimize the way users buy, sell, and hold NFTs, while enriching the gameplay of NFTs.

The concept of gamification in OnlyOrigin brings a variety of novel ways to obtain NFTs, users can collect mystery boxes in OnlyOrigin and unlock rare NFTs, or they can get even rarer NFTs by destroying two specific NFTs.

Blind Box

OnlyOrigin uses a new way to buy NFTs – NFT Blind Boxes. When purchasing the NFT blind box launched by OnlyOrigin, there will be multiple NFTs with different rarity levels in this mysterious box. You’ll notice that under Series Content, it lists the NFTs contained in the box, along with the probability of occurrence of each NFT rank.

Before it is opened, I know that no one can know what NFT is in the mysterious box. If lucky, the user has a chance to get rare drops instead of normal drops for a normal price.


OnlyOrigin will be able to get a pass and an activator for this collection at a reduced price for 15 days prior to the launch of the NFTs collection. Users can get a new NFT with higher value by destroying the NFT pass and activator on OnlyOrigin, which is OnlyOrigin’s NFT synthesis.

Similarly, OnlyOrigin will launch some synthesis methods from time to time. Users can destroy two NFTs with lower value in a specific way to synthesize a rarer and higher value NFT.


Early investment has always been a concern for NFT collectors. To lower this barrier, OnlyOrigin provides users with an NFT buyback mechanism. Users can resell their disliked NFTs to the OnlyOrigin platform, and get a profit equal to a portion of the issue price. With only a small fee, the risk of opening the NFT mystery box can be greatly reduced.

About OnlyOrigin

OnlyOrigin has been in the spotlight since its inception and has been carefully prepared for a long time. Now, OnlyOrigin is ready to shake up the NFT market, showing the metaverse that has been quiet for too long what a good NFT trading market should look like.

If you are interested in the new generation NFT market, keep an eye out for more information on OnlyOrigin.


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