Newest meme coin going viral – Pomerdoge (POMD) set for major CEX listing after presale. Pepe (PEPE) and Ripple (XRP) fall

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As Pepe (PEPE) and Ripple (XRP) fall, one new token, Pomerdoge (POMD), has gone viral- investors operate in the attention economy and need to position their portfolios accordingly. Why has Pomerdoge risen to fame? This up-and-coming memecoin has already secured a listing on a major centralized exchange post presale, and analysts believe this could easily cause the native token $POMD to 50X.

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Pomerdoge (POMD) Major CEX Listing

Pomerdoge has already secured a listing on a major centralized exchange, which is massive news for any investors participating in the presale. The project has gone viral for several reasons, including its unique NFT collection, only available for $POMD holders, and Pomergame- the new way to network, connect, and earn.

All altcoins have a similar life cycle. They begin as blockchain ICOs, go through a presale, launch on decentralized exchanges, and then very few finally make it to centralized exchanges. It goes without saying that the earlier an investor acquires tokens in this journey, the more profits they make. Investors have the chance to join Pomerdoge at the earliest phase! And it has already guaranteed a spot on a CEX- the markets rarely offer such easy trades.

Pomerplace is the marketplace for the Pomerdoge ecosystem, and once players have leveled up and reached gold status in Pomergame, they can begin selling items. But the real curiosity centers around the NFT collection. Their utility has purposefully been kept hidden by the developer team. However, these digital collectibles are sure to play a central role in the ecosystem.

Pomerdoge has gone viral, raised over $2 million, and now landed a launch on a major CEX. Purchasing $POMD in the presale could easily be one of the best investments in 2023, and as the popularity of GameFi skyrockets, $POMD holders will watch their bags moon!

Pepe (PEPE) Developer Team Selling

Pepe wowed investors earlier this year and became the flagship project of what analysts retrospectively dubbed memecoin mania. However, Pepe has struggled to gain traction since this astounding rally as investors gravitate towards projects with fundamentals and utility during bear markets.

The downward price action was compounded when it came to light that the developer team behind Pepe had sent millions of dollars of $PEPE to centralized exchanges. The optics of insiders selling a token are always dreadful, especially in crypto, where price and fundamentals have become the same thing.

Analysts remain cautiously optimistic, citing a potential range between $0.00000196 and $0.00000240 for Pepe in 2024. It cannot compete with Pomerdoge’s upside potential but remains a viable contender likely to outshine older tokens like Dogecoin.

Ripple (XRP) Retraces Court Case Gains

Ripple won a landmark victory against the SEC earlier this year and printed a god candle soaring more than 100% in a single day. Markets were euphoric, and people expected a significant change in the regulatory stance towards Ripple and crypto more broadly. However, long-term investors were disappointed, and Ripple has retraced all of its gains since the decision.

The protocol provides the next evolution for cross-border payments, allowing users globally to transmit and receive payments within minutes. Ripple offers superior service compared to the SWIFT network and traditional wires. And the increased attention it garnered throughout the court case has improved the grassroots adoption of the protocol.

Citing these fundamental indicators, such as bolstered daily users and increased number of transactions, analysts forecast a bullish potential high of $1.61 for Ripple in 2024.

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