New Crypto ICO ‘Bitcoin ETF Token’ Goes Live

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With immense anticipation building around Bitcoin spot ETF approval in the United States, one team of pioneers has developed a token directly linked to the Bitcoin ETF approval.

Introducing Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF), a new project that rewards users as the ETF approvals advance.

The project has just launched as a presale, racking over $15K in minutes. Yet, with a limited token allocation and growing market sentiment, potential investors must hurry to buy BTCETF before it sells out.

What Is Bitcoin ETF Token?

The new crypto project harnesses the limitless potential of the looming Bitcoin ETF approval, concentrating it into one token so buyers can supercharge their exposure to the situation.

For average investors, the gains yielded from Bitcoin, even with an ETF, may amount to 1-3x from its current price. However, a brand new project like BTCETF, which focuses solely on ETF approval, could see substantially more gains thanks to its low market cap.

Bitcoin ETF Token is backed by tangible, cutting-edge mechanisms to further its alignment with Bitcoin ETF approval. The project has pre-determined milestones where a portion of the token supply will be burned. 

This will induce scarcity in the project, enabling its price to flourish. What’s more, these milestones are based on events relating to the success of Bitcoin and its ETF approval, so the project will likely achieve additional spikes of demand while destroying some of the supply.

There are five milestones, and each will incur a burn of 5% of the token’s supply.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin ETF Token also features a staking mechanism, encouraging users to deposit their tokens on the platform for passive rewards. As well as encouraging community activity, this will reduce the available supply of BTCETF, further bolstering its supply and demand dynamics.

However, Bitcoin ETF is not just a financial instrument; it is an ideology and a movement. The project’s website features an aggregated news section, updating readers on the latest Bitcoin ETF developments from around the web.

This will keep users updated, enabling them to better navigate the markets as the ETF approvals near. 

BTCETF Crypto ICO Details

Bitcoin ETF Token has a 2,100,000,000 total token supply, with 40% available in the presale priced at $0.0005. This price will incrementally increase throughout the presale, with the first uptick in five days.

Another 25% of tokens have been allocated to community rewards, and the 25% will be burned as the project reaches the above-mentioned milestones. The last 10% of tokens have been assigned to exchange liquidity, ensuring the seamless buying and selling of BTCETF.

Aligning with the core Bitcoin ideology, this puts 100% of BTCETF tokens in the hands of the community, enabling organic, long-term price action.

Since it is currently undergoing a presale, investors wanting to buy BTCETF should visit the project’s website at BTCETF is an ERC-20 token, and the presale accepts payments in ETH, USDT, or with bank card.

Given the triumphant run of numerous Bitcoin-related projects and Bitcoin ETF Token’s one-of-a-kind use case, the project looks poised for significant upside potential.

Recently, well-established Bitcoin forks have soared significantly. For instance, Bitcoin Cash is up 92% this year, and Bitcoin SV is up 34% this month. However, this momentum is also shared by newer Bitcoin-related projects. 

Stake-to-Earn project BTC20 soared 7x following its ICO, netting early investors tremendous profits in a very short time.

Yet, one advantage Bitcoin ETF Token holds is its relation to the upcoming ETF approvals. According to a report by CryptoQuant, the Bitcoin spot ETFs could bring an additional $1 trillion to the cryptocurrency market. 

Bitcoin ETF Token’s market cap at launch will be just $12 million, and it will be well-positioned as one of the only cryptos focused on the matter. As such, 10-100x gains should not be ruled out.

However, with the ICO price increasing in five days, those looking to secure the most upside potential must act fast.

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