Neo (NEO), Polkadot (DOT) Investors Shifting As Chronoly CRNO Jumps 40% on Exchange Listing

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Making investments in cryptocurrencies entails a careful analysis of market trends. Market standings of tokens are good indicators of their performances. Therefore, investors are concerned while investing in Neo (NEO) and Polkadot (DOT) because these cryptocurrencies have been away from the light for quite some time. Meanwhile, Chronoly (CRNO) is getting higher on the investors’ lists. After an immensely successful pre-sale, Chronoly launched CRNO tokens on the UniSwap exchange at a price of $0.79, on October 6.

Chronoly (CRNO) Firms Its Market Standing Ahead of Launch

Market bulls are elated with the news that Chronoly has launched its CRNO tokens on a crypto exchange. The news of CRNO’s public launch came after the project registered a 690% increase in its value during the pre-sale phase. Chronoly’s CRNO tokens were sold out before the deadline of the pre-sale. Moreover, the price of CRNO tokens, which was $0.01 initially, reached $0.079 by the end of the pre-sale. Chronoly got listed on the UniSwap exchange at 17:00 UTC on October 6.

Chronoly is the world’s only decentralized platform allowing people to make a fractional investment in luxury watches. Chronoly (CRNO) mints NFTs of rare luxury watches. These tradable NFTs represent partial ownership of watches and can be purchased and traded by users. On the platform, people can make investments in these NFTs for as low as $10.

Chronoly investors are also allowed to stake their CRNO tokens in the lending pool of the platform to yield passive income that can go up to 18.6% annually. Chronoly (CRNO) users are entitled to participate in the platform’s monthly lottery, the winner of which will get a Rolex watch. Notably, there is no fee required for entry to the lottery.

Chronoly’s business roadmap provides backing to its tokens by physical assets, which prevents CRNO from falling when the market goes down. Due to this rare trait, several market bulls have rallied behind Chronoly (CRNO) because cryptos backed by real-world assets are less volatile and more stable.’s whitepaper also states that the watch market can log a profit of $49 billion in the coming years. Witnessing such a huge acceptance of Chronoly, experts are hopeful that the price of CRNO can rise to $3 within a few days of trading on the UniSwap Exchange. Besides, market experts believe that Chronoly’s CRNO will mount to $8 soon.

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Neo (NEO) Faces Continuous Loses

Last week’s gains have lessened the monthly drop of Neo (NEO). The price of Neo (NEO) has risen by 4.71% in the last seven days. But Neo (NEO) has fallen on the monthly price chart by over 6%. Currently, Neo (NEO) is trading at $8.54, which is about 96% below its all-time high of $196.85.

Neo (NEO) is a blockchain platform used to digitize assets. The primary goal of Neo (NEO) is to establish a self-sufficient, self-managed decentralized digital economy by combining digital identities, digital assets, and smart contracts. Neo (NEO) also aims to build a community of developers and encourage them to build dApps and smart contracts on the platform.

Polkadot (DOT) Tumbles On Growth Chart

Losing over 16% of its price in the last month, Polkadot (DOT) is trading in the red zone. It has fallen by 1.06% in the last week. While its peak price was $8.06 in September, the monthly lowest price of Polkadot (DOT) had dipped to $5.97. This fluctuation has caused an erosion in investors’ confidence in Polkadot (DOT). Currently, Polkadot (DOT) is being traded at $6.21, which is around 89% below its all-time high of $55.00.

Polkadot (DOT) is a blockchain protocol that has been developed to interlink different blockchain networks. It enables unrelated blockchain networks to communicate efficiently and securely.

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