MudAi and KCC (Kucoin Community Chain) announce a collaboration.

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This collaboration will facilitate a more secure and smooth delivery of the MudAi MR/VR metaverse by utilizing KCC’s blockchain technology.

In addition, transactions related to the use of the application will be more secure by leveraging KCC’s blockchain technology.

This collaboration is an important step toward realizing MudAi’s vision “Next-generation UX starts with MudAi”. MudAi and KCC will continue to work together to provide higher-quality MR/VR applications.

Here are some specific things that this collaboration between MudAi and KCC can offer to users

  • Smooth and secure MR/VR metaverse usage: by leveraging KCC’s blockchain technology, transactions related to application usage will be more secure. It also allows for the seamless use of MR/VR applications developed by MudAi that use advanced 3DCG technology.
  • Providing a wide variety of applications: MudAi has developed a wide variety of MR/VR applications using artificial intelligence technology and advanced 3DCG technology. Some of these applications will fundamentally change people’s lives and become the new norm for the next generation. Through this collaboration, users will have access to a wider variety of MR/VR applications.
  • Using applications in virtual currency: The collaboration will allow users to use MudAi’s MR/VR applications in virtual currency.
  • A world dedicated to the KCC community will be created on the MudAi metaverse!

This is what the collaboration between MudAi and KCC can offer to users. MudAi and KCC will keep working together to provide enhanced-quality MR/VR applications in the future.

About MudAi

MudAi is a company and product that develops metaverse and MR applications using artificial intelligence technology, advanced 3DCG technology, and blockchain technology.

MudAi is currently aiming to develop super applications that will surely become indispensable in the future through unprecedentedly beautiful graphics and completely new forms of user experiences such as MR/VR.

MudAi wants to fundamentally change people’s lives through the applications on MR that MudAi provides, and we are creating the next generation of common sense while exploring more convenient forms.

The development of the metaverse is already underway, with a pre-alpha version available for participation in the browser within Discord; a demo version of the MR application will be released in Q1 2023.

Contact info
Email [email protected]
Telegram @mudaimeta


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