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It’s all about your community. Web3 projects, from NFT startups to household name brands, must continually engage successfully with their community to convert them from casual fan to loyal advocate. The ownership economy and the metaverse at large empowers these communities to create these movements.

Big brands already know they need a presence in the web3 to remain relevant through the next great socio-technological evolution of our time. Adidas, Samsung, Louis Vuitton, and Coca-Cola are just a few of the household names who have raced to launch NFT collections and integrate their products with the new possibilities of web3. In doing so, these large companies are capturing new crypto-native audiences.

Moss is a platform that lets brands, corporations, DAOs, and other web3 projects electrify their newly acquired web3 community and turn their casual interest into motivated promoters for their projects. It provides clean and focused space for a user to get the important announcements from all the tokens they hold and all the communities they want to follow in one place.

How Web3 Marketing Metrics are Changing

Previously, web3 engagement was all about volume. In the gold rush fever of the early metaverse and NFT launches, people mostly followed the numbers. If a Discord or Telegram group had high activity, more users would stick around in the hopes of catching the wave, getting lucky, and grabbing a quick and easy profit through minting and flipping.

Now, as the builders re-enter the cycle, and web3 moves from infancy to toddlerhood, the goals of projects have shifted. Rather than being about flash-in-the-pan numbers, it’s about eliciting consistent, regular engagement from their current communities, and getting high-value users through the door.

Old metrics like membership numbers, messages sent, reactions and likes are no longer essential. Projects want 500 engaged holders who will keep coming back, not 5000 followers who only look at the project once.

How Moss Helps Corporations Create Valuable Web3 Communities

Moss helps large corporations distill and amplify their engagement with their new web3 communities. It helps users keep track easily of upcoming events and utility attached to a token or NFT, provides an easy means to access those events through its smart calendars, and makes sure messages get through to their intended audience, without that intended audience having to work hard and stay active to stay in the loop.

This is important, as a project or company may have acquired a high-value customer base that it does not know how to get the most of, and which can be easily lost without maintaining engagement. This is particularly true for traditional brands who don’t know how to communicate effectively with the new community it has built. If they are crypto-fluent, they are likely to be put off by a company’s traditional media channels.

Moss’s web3-focused communications portal is an instant town hall for a company and its customer base to come together and create genuine value and utility around their token or NFT.

How Big Brands are Onboarding Retail Users into Web3

Big brands are not just getting crypto-native attention on their brand, they are also acting as the gateway for people with no knowledge of crypto to get into web3. How they manage that entry into web3 for newcomers they are bringing to the space will go on to define the success of their efforts in this space.

Moss, with its uncluttered and direct presentation of project news, is a fantastic way for companies to bring those new customers into web3 without losing them to fatigue or distraction. By using Moss, companies can demystify web3 for newcomers, and in doing so help merge their existing and new customer bases.

Moss on Track to Be Leading Web3 Communications Hub

The idea behind Moss is simple. Provide one simple hub for a user of any experience level with web3 to get filtered, digestible, and focused news about projects they truly care about – with no spam, no noise, and no excess. Moss synthesizes available news for a project from across their standard web3 channels, and provides a clean, stunning UX for users to navigate and engage with it. It’s perfect for both crypto-native start ups and large corporations to truly understand  and mobilize their communities. It helps retain engagement even after the initial early excitement has worn off, and it brings the casual fringe in, leading to a genuine, organic userbase who can help take any project to the stars.

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