Memecoin Scammer Doxxed By Wallet Address Tattoo

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A blockchain sleuth has revealed the identity of an NFT memecoin scammer from a tattoo of his wallet address on his back.

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT has unveiled the identity of a scammer that allegedly orchestrated a spurious memecoin sale for the NFT collection Nakamigos.

According to the blockchain analyst, more than 20 Nakamigos holders blindly sent money to a private address for the fake memecoin presale.

Furthermore, the offer had several red flags, such as an increasing presale hard cap. On April 25, he warned:  

“If you buy a meme coin you need assume someone will dump on you with insider info or that it’s a scam.”

Nakamigos is a social media profile picture NFT collection of 20,000 characters that launched in late March. The public mint took only four days to surpass NFT giant Bored Ape Yacht Club, according to reports at the time.

NFT Memecoin Scammer Doxxed

ZachXBT also alleged that the scammer made off with 60 ETH worth around $110,000 and deleted his Twitter feed.

He said the scammer “could potentially be the creator of @NazareAmarga account,” aka Gabriel Marques, which had 4.2 million followers. He added that they used a Nakamigo profile and removed it after the scam.

“There are multiple transactions back and forth with Nazare public address,” he said before adding:

“As additional proof of Gabriel’s involvement with the coin, he even got a tattoo of his Binance Deposit Address and posted it to Instagram. In conclusion, I am not sure whether this influencer or Nakamigos holders were more dumb in this story.”

Screenshots from NFT memecoin scam – Twitter/@zachxbt

DeFi investor and developer “@0xfoobar” commented:

“This is hands down the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Its never even occurred to me that anyone would try to do this. Twice as funny because he got caught running a scam from there, and Binance has now rotated everyone’s deposit address so his back tattoo is invalid.”

This refers to a recent Binance announcement that it will be retiring Ethereum addresses. The company has prompted users to create new ETH addresses, as existing ones will expire on May 13.

Refunding Efforts

Just a couple of hours ago, ZachXBT updated the thread stating that ‘NazareAmarga’ has asked for his help. The effort will be to refund ETH to presale buyers. Moreover, he agreed, and refunds were being sent out as per a Tweet about an hour ago.


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