Mammoth (MMT) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

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INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Nov. 1, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed Mammoth (MMT) on November 1, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the MMT/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading.

Building a unified ecosystem with its own blockchain, Mammoth (MMT) is committed to being the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses while providing a variety of applications including DeFi, NFT platform, GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse and many more. Its native token MMT has been listed on LBank Exchange at 10:00 UTC on November 1, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing Mammoth

Mammoth is a project to build an integrated infrastructure based on ecosystem resources and will gradually open to the blockchain industry. Relying on the world’s largest trading ecosystem, Mammoth is committed to being the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, building a complete ecosystem of technology development, application promotion and trading. It allows for more efficient deployment of distributed applications and provides comprehensive authorization for traffic and resources.

In addition, Mammoth will provide a variety of innovative services to global developers. Mammoth’s ultimate goal is to establish an ecosystem in its entirety so that transactions and economic activities between users can actively occur within it. Accordingly, Mammoth is not dependent on the existing platform, and independently forms the ecosystem.

The strength of the Mammoth mainnet is the support of application software and the prosperity of Mammoth mainnet ecosystem is inextricably linked. The ecosystem of Mammoth mainnet has many excellent applications including DeFi, DApp, NFT and other sectors such as wallet, blockchain browser, DEX, lending, NFT trading market, etc. It’s also creating an all new metaverse, and expects infinite development of the metaverse through the perfect fusion of virtual and real.

Currently, Mammoth is excavating projects operating within the blockchain. As time goes by, more and more projects will be operated on the Mammoth chain, which will further increase the network effect. And with Mammoth DAO, Mammoth establishes a complete ecological environment, forms a virtuous circle, and ultimately realizes the goal of investor autonomy through continuous development.

About MMT Token

MMT is the native token of Mammoth ecosystem. A total of 10 billion (i.e. 10,000,000,000) MMT tokens are issued, of which 55% is allocated for building the ecosystem, 15% will be used for operation, 12% goes into the foundation, 9.99% is provided for public sale, 5.01% is provided for private sale, and the remaining 3% will be used for marketing.

The MMT token has been listed on LBank Exchange at 10:00 UTC on November 1, 2022, investors who are interested in the Mammoth investment can easily buy and sell MMT token on LBank Exchange right now. The listing of MMT token on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

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