Leap Frog! $PEPE Surges 30% as $GFOX Set for Launch

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$PEPE surges in the past week off a crypto whale’s trading activity.

Pure memecoins rely on meme notoriety for value but utility memes are coming up to change the market.

$GFOX departure from memecoins like $PEPE by providing versatile utility.

Pepecoin surged in the past week, with significant trader action. The notorious memecoin is a year old but continues to be relevant thanks to its popular meme.

This approach by top memecoins like $PEPE and $DOGE is coming under challenge. One of the best memecoins to invest in is implementing the utility model.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a strong contender in this field. This project is gearing up for its inaugural game launch in a few days, with its utility meme coin, $GFOX, credentials attracting broad interest.

Galaxy Fox closed its presale raising over $6 million and looks to keep the momentum post-launch.

Crypto Whale Inspires $PEPE Surge

Pepecoin ($PEPE) had a recent upsurge, adding an impressive 30%, thanks to the activity of a crypto whale who made transactions valued at more than $2 million in the past week.

Crypto whales are individuals with substantial crypto holdings or capital. Their activity is usually enough to move markets in either direction. Such massive trades can affect the activity of smaller traders who are keen to capitalize on the impact of whale movements.

Pepecoin relies on the notorious meme “Pepe the Frog” for its value. It had an explosive rise in mid-2023 thanks to the power of its meme. $PEPE is now a top meme coin but has yet to eclipse the more popular Dogecoin, which is the standard for pure memecoins.

$GFOX Pivots to the Utility Approach

Not every new project can be the next Dogecoin. Even a coin with the power of a meme like Pepe could only get so far. This status quo has inspired projects like Galaxy Fox to take the bold approach of injecting utility into this space.

The Galaxy Fox game is launching this week, weeks after $GFOX listed for $0.04 last month on Uniswap. Supporters argue that the $0.04 listing price is a discount relative to the potential of the project as the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform has lots to offer for its users.

Gameplay involves nurturing digital fox characters to engage in exciting battles for the user. These battles come with lucrative tokenized rewards. Besides, players can collect non-fungible token (NFT) items to have even more value.

Staking on the platform is relatively easy and offers a secondary income-generating platform. Users earn gaming rewards but also benefit from staking returns. Galaxy Fox has a treasury to ensure that the staking pool has sufficient liquidity at all times. This liquidity is crucial to ensure further development on the platform.

$GFOX is available on Uniswap. That said, market participants expect that this meme coin will soar towards $1 in the coming few months. The project’s utility and bold approach are likely to create strong tailwinds post-launch.

For Info about $GFOX, visit Galaxyfox.io 


Galaxy Fox enters a changing market and injects dynamism for crypto enthusiasts. The project’s structure is innovative and provides a breath of fresh air in the sector.

The $GFOX team is working overtime to ensure all systems are ready for the game launch. Successful game development is an intensive affair and the launch is the culmination of months of hard work. Investors can now participate in the project and potentially benefit from its upside.

Visit the Galaxy Fox website today to learn more about the project before launch.


Learn more about $GFOX here:

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