Klaytn Skyrocketing on the Crypto Market Making It the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency in the Top 100, Can Big Eyes Coin Surpass Klaytn ?

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One of the key qualities that make cryptocurrencies intriguing is decentralised finance. It was developed to let users communicate directly with one another without the use of an intermediary or centralised authority. Due to decentralised finance, banks and other financial institutions are no longer required to charge users to use their services.

This year in the cryptocurrency market, there have been a lot more lows than highs. Experts on cryptocurrencies think this will happen due to their volatility. Nevertheless, a few of the well-known businesses in the bitcoin industry have seen their prices drop sharply in recent months. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two cryptocurrencies that have recently made news of their sharp drops in value.

For those who love and are interested in cryptocurrencies, the past few weeks have been great because several of them have seen gains. After several months of declining in value, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot have all been making a gradual “comeback.” It seems like the Ethereum integration didn’t go that bad after all.

Two cryptocurrencies that have made significant progress and are still doing so will be discussed in this article. With a recent 44% increase, Klaytn has overtaken all other cryptocurrencies as the most profitable. Will Klaytn’s example be one that Big Eyes Coin can follow?

Klaytn (KLAY) Believes It Can Fly and Touch the Sky

Klaytn is a public blockchain with a focus on the metaverse and GameFi. From its worldwide base in Singapore, where it was formally founded in June 2019, it is actively growing its global company. In South Korea, it is the most popular blockchain platform. They created Klaytn with the vision and mission of making a better world through people and technology.

Just last week we saw Klaytn shoot up by 106% after the new governance proposal was officialised,  which boosted the KLAY token and its community. Just before the new governance proposal, Klaytn were suffering severely due to the big hit the crypto market took at the beginning of the summer. Within the space of a week, they became the most profitable cryptocurrency in the top 100 by CoinMarketCap, which once upon a time was Dogecoin.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Close to Reaching $10 Million

You need to be aware of the Big Eyes Coin, a recent meme coin. Pre-sale for the second-best meme coin currently available, Big Eyes Coin, has begun. As it continues to reach significant milestones, the acceptance of this meme coin is rising.

Big Eyes Coin plans to donate 5% of each sale to organisations that assist in the protection of marine life. It pledges to do all necessary efforts to protect our environment. The BIG community has continuously supported this conflict, which is occurring more frequently than ever these days.

The Big Eyes Coin presale is currently in its sixth stage. A brand-new meme coin cryptocurrency called Big Eyes Coin has raised close to $10 million. The world of cryptocurrencies is made more charming and humorous by meme coins.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to its unique interests, Big Eyes Coin is expected to surpass hundreds of other meme currencies in the cryptocurrency sector and is therefore gaining in popularity. The 250k giveaway, which offers 10 lucky participants the chance to win some BIG tokens, is one of the fantastic concepts underlying the Big Eyes Coin.

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