Invisible Friends or an Invisible NFT – More Reliable NFT Queuing Is Available With Big Eyes Coin NFT Collection.

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Invisible Friends is an NFT collection of PFP NFTs. An NFT is a shorthand for a Non-fungible Token. An NFT is a form of a cryptographic asset with unique codes that allow them to be distinguished from one another. Unlike cryptocurrency tokens, NFT tokens can’t be exchanged at the same rate as they all have their own individual value.

NFTs have become extremely popular in the past few years, with the NFT craze sweeping worldwide amongst everyday people and celebrities. However, not all NFT collections are reliable, often feeling rigged with who can or can’t purchase from the collection regardless of whitelists. Unlike those collections, the meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will release a sushi collection called NFT Sushi Crew that doesn’t discriminate.

What Is the Invisible Friends NFT Collection and What Is Happening With Its Whitelist?

As previously stated, the Invisible Friends collection is a PFP NFT collection. A distinctive aspect of the NFT universe is generative avatars, often known as PFPs. PFPs are typically created by teams of artists and engineers and distributed as a collection of thousands of unique tokens. In contrast, most independent artists prefer to concentrate on 1/1 pieces and limited edition collections.

The invisible friends NFT collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each character is invisible but has unique clothes that you can see and hence see the character’s outline. So far, the project has made a lot of noise in the industry, and from a financial perspective, it has made a lot of money.

However, a lot of potential users are upset about the whitelist. It was hinted that the more you engage with the collection’s social media channels, such as; Discord, Twitter and Telegram. It was also hinted that engaging in creating game mods for the project and even buying merch that allegedly was supposed to increase one’s chances of getting whitelisted. In the end, it did not happen anyway. They could be accused of washtrading. This is when a person employed or part of a company will sell themselves an asset, creating the illusion that a particular asset is trading far more than it is.

Big Eyes Coin – NFT Sushi Crew

Big Eyes Coin is an up-and-coming meme coin that has amassed a huge amount of money during its pre-sale – $9.3 million. The coin will further improve its ecosystem by creating an autonomous blockchain environment. This environment will use NFTs to access additional material and events that make the blockchain hypeship worthwhile onboard.

The NFTs the coin will be using are sushi-based NFTs. These adorable NFTs are inspired by the coin’s adorable cat mascot, who loves the ocean and fish, hence the sushi NFTs. The coin’s success in its pre-sale shows that it will continue to be successful after its launch. The NFTs will also be on the Ethereum blockchain. As Big Eyes Coin is a community-owned crypto coin, it is more likely that washtrading won’t occur.

To Summarise

NFTs can be a great investment. However, some may not be as secure or as reliable such ad Invisible Friend’s giving false hints to its investors. Community-owned coins like Big Eyes Coin produce NFTs that are primarily controlled by the community in a decentralised setting and are much more reliable.

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