Inqubeta Makes Headlines Raising $4.1m as Mina Slides 21% Following Mammoth Rally

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The long crypto winter appears to have come to an end, and cryptocurrency investors are focusing on their portfolios’ growth once again.

While investors in InQubeta (QUBE) are gingering and awaiting the end of the presale, Mina (MINA) investors might be candle gazing, hoping for it to turn green.

The Mina Protocol Price Slide

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Although conceived in June 2017, Mina went live in the first quarter of 2021. Mina is a lightweight blockchain with a fixed size of about 22 kilobytes, making it the world’s lightest blockchain. Similar to Tezos and Solana, Mina is a proof-of-stake blockchain; however, it provides an innovative solution for data compression and has MINA as its native token. Mina achieves its small size using its zero-knowledge technology, which uses minimal metadata when processing transactions.

In May 2021, MINA commenced trading after it sold 75 million tokens for 25 cents each and raised about $19 million. A few days after trading began, the price rose to $4.55 before falling again. However, the autumn crypto surge of 2021 took the token to an all-time high (ATH) of about $6.15.

Already far away from its ATH, the Mina Protocol has seen a further slide in its price in the past week. As of the time of this writing, the token has fallen by over 21%, from $0.726536 to 0.568054 in its seven-day price chart. It is a usual occurrence for the rise of Bitcoin (BTC) to mean the rise of altcoins; it is hoped that with time, MINA will join the bull run.

On the other hand, the case of InQubeta, the crypto crowdfunding platform, is different.

InQubeta’s Revolutionizing Funding Solution for AI Startups

The world is just getting a grasp of the exciting world of AI technology. Being an ever-evolving space, the growth potential is limitless, meaning that AI technology will always be brimming with ideas for solutions to the world’s problems. In the same vein, being an ever-emerging space, traditional funding options might not work for AI startups. The speedy evolution characteristic of the digital age means that things will be changing too fast for traditional funding institutions to keep up.

Because investing in these startups is a daunting proposition for traditional investors who may not fully understand the space, many startups won’t get the funding they desire, and if they do, the terms and conditions might be unappealing. If not tackled, this reality might discourage AI startup founders or force them to make do with the unfavorable terms and conditions offered, just to see their ideas come to life. InQubeta comes in to meet this need for a funding option fit for AI startups.

InQubeta creates a platform that allows QUBE holders to participate in fractional investments in AI startups. The platform not only bridges the gap between investors and AI startups; it also creates an accessible and democratic investment space for anyone interested.

While this sounds good, there appears to be more to it, considering that the crowdfunding platform has raised over $4 million while in its fourth stage of the presale phase.

With QUBE and InQubeta, through the power of blockchain and smart contracts, investors can be an active part of the burgeoning industry they believe in, and AI startup founders can access the funding they require through a transparent and secure process.

After the AI startups are assessed and qualified, they create NFTS. These NFTs are reward– and equity-based NFTs, offering value and incentives to potential investors. These NFTs are fractionalized and listed on the InQubeta marketplace, where investors browse, evaluate, and choose which NFTs and how much they would like to invest.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts, investors buy NFTs, and the startups receive the money they need to grow and innovate. The investors also get the rewards associated with the purchased NFTs. These rewards include profit-sharing, exclusive access, and others.

As of the time of this writing, QUBE was selling for $0.0133 in Stage 4 of its presale and had over 92% of the stage-allocated tokens sold.

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