Incredible Oryen Network 100% Price Pump Catches Attention Of Big Eyes And Cronos Communities

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When checking out how well a project might perform long term, it is always worth comparing it with its peers. One such project is the Oryen Network project, which has surpassed all expectations. However, is that enough to make it stand out? To answer that question, one has to compare it with Big Eyes and Cronos, all very different crypto, to see the benefits of each type.

How Oryen Network Compares to Big Eyes and Cronos

Big Eyes is a token that promises to ‘bring more users to DeFi’ and ‘save the oceans.’ But, unfortunately, the whitepaper needs to drill deeper into what exactly they will do. As such, investors are also looking for other, more solid finance-based protocols to place their wealth.

A more impressive platform is Cronos, which has generated huge interest from investors since its founding. Cronos is the blockchain founded by the exchange that uses the CRO token for gas. CRO is also used for discounts on and the Visa card eligibility. Cronos had significant interest in the last stages of 2021, topping out at just under $1.00, but since then has lost around 90% of its value. With many investors nursing losses, they are looking for a place to move their capital so that they might make back what they have lost over the past year.

Oryen Network is like neither of these platforms. It is designed to generate yield in a safe and controlled manner that supports price and maintains capital positions. Investors who have in the past worked hard to identify impressive projects in the presale stage have flocked to Oryen Network and bought $ORY tokens on this bases. In just a short while after launch, the $ORY token value has doubled in price, which signals the project is headed for great things.

What is the Oryen Network?

Oryen Network is a staking protocol that offers investors a guaranteed APY of 90%, equal to a daily ROI of 0.177%. It is unique because while some protocols offer a higher APY, they are not guaranteed. That means it could be 90% one day and close to 1% the next day. The result is that it becomes difficult to identify opportunities for long-term profitability. Oryen Network does away with all that, allowing investors to make a steady profit all year, giving them the ability to calculate returns before joining. All this is done without even requiring tokens to be placed into a staking contract, significantly increasing the security provided to investors.


Oryen Network will likely moon once a new bull run in the crypto market appears. As more investors flock to it, the entire crypto market will benefit and grow to new, unimaginable heights. Those who get in during the presale are likely to reap mind-boggling returns.

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