iMine CEO Jorge Mesquita Highlights Company’s Growth and Future Plans

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iMine is a global mining platform with partner data centers in Central Asia and South America serving users from around the world. More mining farms – providing hash power for iMine’s customers – are expected to be connected in the coming months.

“It was a great idea to create iMine and lead the company at this exciting time,” said Jorge Mesquita, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iMine. “My aim is to continue to develop, expand, and improve our affordable product and service offerings and establish iMine as a leader in the industry.”

The iMine team is “committed to creating high-quality products that follow international rules, meet legal requirements and offer the best value for customers, while making them feel safe and confident,” said Mesquita.  Over the first six months of business, iMine staff has successfully completed detailed Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for over 3,000 users.

“We look forward to continued growth and success,” Mesquita added.

Flexibility and interactivity

iMine has already attracted customers from all over the world and continues its efforts to reach out even to clients by delivering state-of-the-art products and services.  iMine will offer access to an interactive dashboard that allows users greater control over which SHA-256-based cryptocurrencies they mine and/or how much hash power is used for mining. iMine’s users may also choose which facility will produce their mining rewards based on its source of fuel.

iMine is also committed to promoting environmental stewardship and recognizes the importance of taking affirmative steps to conserve, protect, and create a more sustainable environment.

“iMine is trying to be responsible with the energy resources used for providing clients with Bitcoin mining rewards, with current facilities already utilizing green energy. We are working closely with strategic partners to reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully be fully carbon neutral in the not-so-distant future. Our partners are also investing in more energy-efficient miners which will help us achieve that goal,” Mesquita added.

He is proud of the fact that the company will soon release iMine Academy, an educational resource built into the platform designed to increase users’ industry knowledge and technical literacy.

About the CEO

Jorge Mesquita, iMine CEO, is an entrepreneur with academic training in marketing and a business-oriented mind. He coordinated talented teams and ambitious projects in international companies operating in the areas of Advertising, Communications, and Information Technology.

Mr Mesquita worked as a consultant with some of the largest brands in the technology field, where he had the opportunity to work with exceptional people from all over the world. Enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, he has followed the market for several years and finally decided to tie his professional career with this industry by launching iMine six months ago.

His vast experience and his commitment to bring together the most experienced developers, miners, technicians, and other experts is a source of great pride.

About iMine

iMine is a global international mining platform with partner data centers in Central Asia and South America (with more locations in the pipeline), as well as users hailing from around the world. It offers products providing hash power to mine selected cryptocurrencies. For more information visit:

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