How are And Fantom Similar, And Why Both Remain Censor Proof By Crypto Regulation

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Bankruptcies and frozen accounts have filled headlines in recent months. Somewhat a natural occurrence during bear markets as businesses with unsustainable models are washed away, but having total autonomy over assets remains the central point in owning cryptocurrencies. and Fantom are censorship-proof and decentralized projects that crypto regulation cannot touch. They exist on the blockchain, and investors possessing non-custodial wallets such as MetaMask can never have their funds seized nor regulated by authorities- that is the beauty of the blockchain.

Uniglo introduces a long-term store of value to DeFi. In a constantly changing landscape, Uniglo has created a haven for investors with a long-term vision and conviction in the potential of digital assets. GLO, the native token, possesses buy and sell taxes, and these taxes fund the mechanics of the protocol.

A portion goes towards burning, introducing scarcity and constantly reducing the total supply of GLO, putting continuous upward pressure on its price. Another part goes to asset acquisition. Asset ownership has remained one of the best ways to store and grow wealth throughout history. And GLO represents a diversified portfolio in a single token. It exposes investors to digital assets and high-end luxury goods in NFT format. Value-backing returns to currency and Uniglo’s decentralized nature means that investors will retain full autonomy of their assets.


Fantom is an open-source smart contract capable platform. Dubbed an ‘Ethereum Killer,’ this protocol enjoyed a widely successful 2021, spending most of the year in a parabolic rally. Anyone can use Fantom, which is borderless by nature, and this layer one project enjoys total censorship resistance.

Once FTM, the native token has been taken off a centralized exchange and stored in a cold or hot wallet where the investor owns the private key, it becomes utterly untouchable by any other party. It belongs to them; the same is true with Uniglo.

Closing Thoughts

Digital assets allow investors to have total control over their investments. This point cannot be overstated in an era where banks can arbitrarily close accounts and even stop people from accessing money that rightfully belongs to them. Digital assets give investors freedom; even regulatory bodies and lawmakers cannot touch DeFi assets.

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